4th of July Cocktail Recipe with SoCo Gingerbeer

Delicious summer cocktail recipe!

Delicious summer cocktail recipe!

SoCo Gingerbeer is Austin’s original ginger beer. I love the beer, and I love the company! It’s a small, local group of Austin foodies who care about taste and quality. This ginger beer is made of 4 ingredients:

1. sparkling water

2. fresh lemon

3. fresh ginger

4. organic cane sugar

No high fructose nothin’. No syrups. No “artificial ginger flavor.” It’s simple, cold-pressed juice, sugar, and water. (Psst: for those of you who aren’t familiar with ginger beer, it’s also non-alcoholic. But don’t worry…I’m gonna change that in just a sec.) 

It’s hard to find a ginger beer that’s able to highlight the natural spiciness of ginger while still being sweet and refreshing. Most grocery store shelf ginger beers tastes overly sweet…nothing like the actual ginger root!

SoCo Ginger Beer cold presses their ginger so you’re getting all of those great health benefits of ginger root along with the real taste of ginger. Nothin’ fake. See the picture below? I didn’t shake it yet, so you can see all of the REAL ginger sitting at the bottom of the bottle. Yum. Ginger lovers rejoice!


SoCo Ginger Beer makes lots of flavors like peach, cranberry, and jalapeño lime, but my very favorite (and this is no surprise to my husband, who always knows to order me the ginger cocktail at bars) is the extra ginger.

I used their extra ginger beer to create a fun and fruity 4th of July cocktail. Enjoy!

1. Muddle your berries, jam, and mint. This is the most fragrant part of making a cocktail, so I make sure to slow down and enjoy the scent. Right after the smell of freshly cut grass, muddled mint is my favorite summery smell!

2. Pour in the vodka, cover with ice, and shake. Shake it, shake it, baby! You’ve gotta earn that hamburger on the grill…

3. Strain over ice. I poured it over three 1.5-inch cubes that I made in a silicone ice cube tray. Typically, with ginger beer drinks like Moscow Mules, I’d use crushed ice, but the Texas heat melts those too quickly during outdoor 4th of July cookouts. These bigger ice cubes don’t dilute the drink quite as quickly.

4. Cover with SoCo Ginger Beer and garnish. Is there any easier party trick than a cocktail garnish? Doesn’t matter how basic the cocktail….throw in a pretty garnish, and it’s gonna look like a million bucks. A cocktail garnish is the equivalent of a good red lipstick.

Want to know where you can pick up some Soco Ginger Beer? Click here to see a list of their locations! 





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