Here’s A Typical Weekend For Me in Austin

It’s Monday!  Hope your week is already off to a good start, friends.

Today I’m sharing a peek into a pretty typical weekend around here. Austin is such a fun place to be on the weekends. There are endless events and things to do, so I typically pick a few, say “sorry, not now!” to the others, and try to get a little R&R in as well.

A few things I always try to do on the weekends:

  1. Workout. I try to squeeze in 1 workout on the weekends, typically on Saturday (and then I’ll rest on Sunday). I love to go to a barre class, do a bike ride with Nate, or maybe take a yoga class. It doesn’t really matter what I do, but I just try to move a little bit.
  2. Read. I love finding a prolonged period of time to read on the weekends…2-3 hours is just about right. I’m reading two books right now: a fiction, and a non-fiction. I’ll toggle between the two all weekend long. (Psst: did you see my July reads? I read a bunch of good books last month, so August has a lot to live up to!)
  3. Meal prep. *Sigh*. Meal planning is my least favorite thing to do, but I know that I’ll thank myself during the week if I do it. I got lucky yesterday and Nate did all the meal planning while I was in a rehearsal…score!
  4. Keep up with emails/blog. I do a few hours of computer work on the weekend so I don’t get to Monday morning and feel overwhelmed. I try to limit this to just an hour a day, and then I put the rest of my to-do list on my Omnifocus app.

Ok, here we go! This wasn’t a particularly exciting weekend, but it was normal. A bit of this, and a bit of that. Here’s what I did:


Friday was a cook-at-home night. Ever since we moved into the new house and we don’t have to cook out a closet-sized kitchen, Nate and I have enjoyed cooking at home so much more! We opened a bottle of wine and made the Crunchy Pappardelle recipe from Plenty, Yotam Ottolenghi’s vegetarian cookbook.

I loved it. I had been craving a creamy pasta dish for a while, so it totally hit the spot. I especially love that the broccolini is blanched, so it’s cooked, but still crunchy and bright green.

Post-dinner we watched a movie on the couch and ate some ice cream. Our sweet little kitten is settling in just fine… 😉


I woke around 7 am on Saturday. Coffee time! I’m currently drinking the Ethiopia Adado from Huckleberry Roasters in Denver and brewing on a Kalita Wave.

We have a big sectional sofa in our living room, and the lounge by the big front windows is my favorite place to sit and drink coffee in the morning. I read a few chapters of my book (currently reading this one from Paula Hawkins…she’s the one who wrote Girl On The Train) while I drank my coffee. I only drink half a cup pre-workout.

Workout time! The Barre Code was doing a special event at Austin Motel with a poolside class at 9 am, then a post-workout pool party afterward! (I’m wearing this tank from Lululemon. I got it in two colors and LOVE it for barre classes!)

I went home to shower and change and then head out to a Frosé Tour! Shveta invited me to come along for the 5-stop frosé tour she was hosting with Envy. The first stop was at Revelry Kitchen + Bar, and oops! Sorry y’all, I totally forgot to get my camera out the whole time I was there!

From there, I scooted on over to Craftsman Bar to meet up with Monique for a Cuban pig roast!

Austin Live Fire was doing a pop-up whole hog roast at the bar. It was HELLA HOT outside, so  I watched the pig roast for a total of 5 seconds, grabbed a plate of pork, platanos, yucca fries, and kale salad and went inside to the A/C. You know what kills me? People who are posting pictures of sweaters and scarves and boots as if we’re anywhere near to being able to wear those things. Labor day might be close, but Autumn is not. #truth

Craftsman Bar is a sweet little dive bar on East Caesar Chavez. I sampled a few of their cocktails, and this was my favorite:

The Cucumber Colada: Cucumber, Coconut Cream, Lime, Gin, Cardamom Bitters, Mint. 

I came home, worked a little bit (I have a fun little blog project in the works for this fall! Woot – can’t wait to share! ), and chugged all the ice water from my yeti.

Saturday night was a lazy night at home. I love spending evenings at home on the weekends! Leftovers + netflix + books + wine. Pretty much perfect!


I was up at about 7:30 am to play violin at church. This little cutie likes to follow me around while I’m making coffee in the morning. She’s so hyper in the mornings and wants to play first thing! I’m scooting around the kitchen trying to make coffee and breakfast and not step on the cat..

On the weeks that I play violin at church, Nate and I drive separately (so he doesn’t have to wait around for two hours). While I was gone, he did meal planning for the week! ALL THE PRAISES! I could explain why I despise meal planning, but that would be a long, boring rant for you to read. But it’s something that needs to be done every week, and I’m just happy I didn’t have to do it this week. 🙂

Post-church errand run. Again, Nate and I had separate cars this week, so I snuck in a trip to Ulta to grab another can of my very favorite dry shampoo. 

I grabbed a quick lunch from Central Market…

Then I had a facial appointment. I’ve been going to Face to Face Spa, and friends….it is such a TREAT! I love getting facials there! I’ve been getting chemical peels for years, but I’ve also recently started getting facials as a “treat yo self” sort of thing. They’re lovely. It was the perfect Sunday Funday.

On my way home, I was craving something cold but needed something healthy, so I grabbed an Iced Golden Mylk from Soup Peddler, my favorite juice bar in Austin. Are you into the golden mylk thing? I’ll be honest…this was the first time I’d tried it. I’ve been drinking turmeric tea for years, though, so I’m used to the flavor. Turmeric is good for lots of things, but the most common is its anti-inflammatory properties.

I liked the taste of this because it’s made with coconut oil, spices (sort of like a chai…), date paste, and rice milk. I sipped on this for the next half hour at home worked at my computer for a while.

For Sunday dinner, Nate and I went to Parkside for the final Summer Social. The guest chef this time was Lyle Bento from Southern Goods restaurant in Houston.

We were served 6 courses and 3 cocktails, all enjoyed on the rooftop patio overlooking 6th Street. My favorite course of the night was the one pictured below in the background: the kailua country ham sliders with hawaiian king bread and benne buttermilk mustard. YUM!

Phew! What a fun weekend. Again, it was pretty typical, nothing super crazy, but these weekends at home in Austin are my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends. I’m so thankful for all the people I’m meeting out there through this blogging community! As always, please feel free to email me ( or leave a comment if you have anything to say!






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6 years ago

Looks like a really fun weekend in town! Man, I do love Austin, and weekends at home really are the best. I’m super impressed about how much you did this weekend while still being able to relax a little. Loved the peek into your weekend!

6 years ago

Fun weekend! I like that you had a mix of activity and rest. I want to hear about your favorite cookbooks later!

6 years ago

Ha I love that dry shampoo but I use it up SOO quickly that I can’t buy it on a regular basis. I’m also big on facials! I try to go at least once a month!

– Claudia

The Hungry Yogis
6 years ago

Your “pretty typical” weekend sounds amazing, delicious, and packed! That Iced Golden Mylk from Soup Peddler is on our list of things to try.

Also, we’d love to try a Barre class with you sometime!

Much Love,
Andi + Christine

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