5 Restaurants You Need To Try In ATX (4/12/19)

Lenoir wine garden in Austin Texas

Lenoir wine garden in Austin Texas

I post a blog post like this on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, and they’re starting to be some of my favorites! I like to think of this as a little conversation I’m having with you. This isn’t fancy or formal…it’s just me spilling my thoughts on a few recent restaurants I’ve tried that have been on my radar.

If you want to see more posts in this series, go to the search bar and type in “5 restaurants you need to try” for all of my suggestions!

1. For the newest, hottest tacos: Trill Taqueria

Trill taqueria in Austin Texas

This is a tiny taco stand that’s currently parked outside of Fleet Coffee (one of my favorite coffee shops, btw!) that completely WOWED me at first visit.

The owner used to work at Eden East, so he knows the importance of fresh, local produce. He saw a niche in the taco market for tacos in the $4 price range made from fresh, handmade corn tortillas and filled with local ingredients.

The tortillas are completely scratch made (similar to how Suerte does theirs). The corn is nixtamalized, ground into masa, and pressed into some of the tastiest corn tortillas you’ll find in Austin. I especially love the vegetarian options because everything is so fresh and local.

Seriously….go get one of these tacos. They’re just $4, so you have no excuses.

INSTAGRAM | 2427 Weberville Rd

2. For a killer lunch deal: TLC

TLC Austin

TLC’s southern, coastal food has been a hit since they opened over a year  ago at Lamar Union. This is a highly instagrammable restaurant.

If you need to meet someone for a lunch date, head to TLC for a $10 you-pick-two lunch deal. They have lots of their lunch options available for this deal, like gumbo, BBQ shrimp sandwich, Caesar salad, and pesto grilled cheese.

WEBSITE | 1100 S Lamar Blvd, Suite 1150

3. For a killer summer hh: Lenoir Wine Garden

Lenoir wine garden in Austin Texas

Ok, I’ve listed Lenoir before on one of the “5 Restaurant” posts, but they just brought their wine garden happy hour back, so I have to mention it:

From Tue-Sun from 5-6:30 you can enjoy 50% off bottles of wine less than $80. This is the perfect deal for gathering with a group of your girlfriends and enjoying a few bottles of wine together in the evening!

WEBSITE | 1807 S First

4. For a hh that doubles as dinner: Bufalina

Bufalina pizza in Austin Texas

Nate requested to go to Bufalina for his birthday dinner last week, and we showed up to the restaurant at 5:00 pm.

Because we’re 80 years old.

Actually, because we had a 5 am flight the next day… (But really, we do tend to enjoy going to bed pretty early these days – ha!)

We got to Bufalina early enough to snag a few Neapolitan pizzas on their happy hour menu, and I totally forgot how great this deal is: 50% off ALL PIZZAS from 4-5:30 and specials on drinks. It was honestly one of the least expensive birthday dinners I’ve ever paid for!

WEBSITE | 1519 E Cesar Chavez and 6555 Burnet Rd

5. For the healthiest chocolate milkshake: Juiceland

Juiceland chocolate smoothie in Austin Texas

Ok, I keep mentioning on my instastories how I’m currently obsessed with Juiceland’s Percolater. I’ve (no joke) been getting it 2-3 times a week because it is SO GOOD.

It’s a smoothie made of banana, cacao, cinnamon, cold brew, and almond milk. It tastes like a big, cold, mocha milkshake. If you want to go extra indulgent, add peanut butter!

WEBSITE | multiple locations

Peace a love, friends! Have a swell weekend.

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