Where To Eat In Austin This Weekend (1/3/20)

How’s 2020 treating you? We’re three days in, and I’m still feeling all the positive vibes from the fresh start of a new year. I love re-dreaming what I want this blog to be at the beginning of every year, getting rid of the garbage that’s not serving anyone, and vamping up the good stuff. 

One of the pieces of feedback you gave me last year was that my 5 Restaurants You Need To Try  series was a nice little tidbit to help you find places to eat on a whim… So I’m going to keep it going in 2020! I’m changing the name to “Where To Eat In Austin This Weekend” (because they’ll be published on Fridays), and you can expect about two of these every month. 

Where To Eat In Austin This Weekend

1. JewBoy Burgers. |WEBSITEWhere to eat in Austin: Jewboy Burgers

If you’re like me and have been putting off visiting this North Austin food truck, do yourself a favor and head there this weekend with a friend! These “Mexican diner style burgers” are created by a Jewish guy who grew up in the Latino community of El Paso.. I know. Truly unique! They’re big, hearty burgers made from freshly ground 100% USDA beef on a soft, fluffy potato bun. I always make sure to try a taste of just meat without the bun when I eat a burger, and this one’s a winner. Be sure to pair it with some of the fried potato latkes with Homeboy Chile con queso. 

2. Hopsquad Brewing Co. |WEBSITE

Where to eat in Austin: Hopsquad Brewing Co.

They’re finally open! This brewery in north Austin was supposed to open in fall 2018, and they just officially opened last week. (I’m not sure what the hold up was, but there are a million things that have to fall into place to open a business, so I know they had a valid reason.) But they’re up and running and have a sweet space. It used to be a furniture store, so it has big, tall ceilings. Nate and I met up with two of our friends and their sweet baby girl on opening day, and I kid you not: every-other couple there had a baby with them! Haha. So, if you’re looking for a family-friendly brewery to try this weekend, go check out Hopsquad. 

3. Better Half Bar |WEBSITE|

Happy hour, y’all! I forgot that this place has such a good HH! I met my friend Shveta there for a friend date last week; I’ve always absolutely loved the ambiance and the food. But I glanced at the menu and realized that you can get $5 cheeseburgers and $3 beer cans from 3-6 pm T-F. This would be the perfect little early Friday night dinner! 

4. The Meteor | WEBSITE

Where to eat in Austin: Meteor

Saturday mornings mean cappuccinos and journaling, and The Meteor Cafe on South Congress is one of the few places in this area that has a parking lot, ample seating, and a cozy, coffee shop vibe where you can enjoy a lazy morning (solo or with a date). Or, if you want an afternoon/evening spot to, try their Roman-style pizza (sold by the weight and cut with scissors) and a glass of vino. 

5. Olamaie. |WEBSITE|

Where to eat in Austin: Olamaie

 Y’all are always asking for my top date night suggestions, and if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary and you haven’t been to Olamaie yet, GO HERE! Absolutely phenomenal, award-winning food that will totally blow you away. It’s an elegant yet comfortable restaurant with some of the best wine and cocktails in town. The food is elevated southern fare…but don’t expect to try anything familiar. Everything I’ve tasted here is incredibly unique. (Oh, and pleeeaase order the biscuits.) 

My weekend plans involve going to a one-year-old’s birthday party, cooking a few meals at home, and setting up Milo’s nursery. Now that he’s starting his third month of life, I’m starting to think about transitioning him out of the master bedroom and into his own room. It’s been easy (and safe!) having him in our bedroom for his first few months of life, but now that he’s sleeping longer stretches, I’m ready to reclaim my space and organize his own little room. Ooh, also on my agenda this weekend: research and buy and baby monitor. 

Happy weekending, friends! 

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4 years ago

So many yummy recommendations! That JewBoy burger…. I must try it! And Olamaie has been on our date night list forever, but we’ve never made it happen. I love these posts! Just what I need when I’m trying to figure out where to meet our friends over the weekend. 🙂 Sometimes, even though the city is full of good food, we draw a blank when trying to think of places to go.

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