5 Restaurants You Need To Try in ATX (7/12/19)

District Kitchen Anderson Lane Austin Texas

District Kitchen Anderson Lane Austin Texas

What’s up, friends? Happy Friday! 

I’m coming’ atcha strong with 5 restaurants you need to try in ATX. (I publish one of these posts every-other Friday. Needing some Austin restaurant inspiration? Click here to see all of the posts in this series!)

5 Restaurants You Need To Try in ATX

1. A Rainey Street food truck to try: Gobble Gobble 

Gobble Gobble food truck in Austin

When I think of turkey burgers, I think of healthy, dry, “diet” food that’s a lame substitute for beef burgers. 

But then Gobble Gobble came into my life and rocked my world. These sandwiches are SO darn delicious.

Their turkey burgers are a secret family recipe. They’re packed with flavor, spice, and everything nice. Of course, if you’re absolutely turned off to getting a turkey burger (The Gobble Gobble), try the beef burger (The Moo Moo) or the chicken burger (The Cluck Cluck). 

And please, for the love of all things good and holy, order those cheesy potato rounds. They’re exactly what you need after an evening of bar-hopping on Rainey Street.

WEBSITE | 83 Rainey St

2.  Ice Cream + Craft Beer Pairings: Lazarus Brewery

Craft beer + Lick ice cream pairing in Austin

Lick Honest Ice Creams has parked their ice cream truck in the back patio at Lazarus Brewery for National Ice Cream Month (July) to offer ice cream pairings with Lazarus’s craft beer. 

I know…ice cream + beer sounded like a weird combo to me, too. But just try it! 

Full disclosure: I’m pregnant, so I had to sniff the beer and take the teeniest little sip before I indulged in the ice cream (I did the Coffee Infused Golden Ale + Chocolate Ice Cream combo), but all of the food bloggers I was eating with had great things to say about the idea of pairing beer and ice cream. 

WEBSITE | 1902 E 6th St 

3. A new coffee shop: Plaza Colombian Coffee

Plaza Colombian coffee shop in Austin Texas

Plaza Colombian Coffee opened in late spring in the Dawson neighborhood of Austin (think faaaar South Congress, right before it runs into Ben White.) I checked it out with Natalie for a coffee date! 

It’s a giant, bright, airy space (with a drive-thru, too, I might add!!) that’s perfect for solo laptop working or meeting up with friends. 

They have all sorts of fun Colombian tapas and bakery items items: arepas, empanadas, bocaditos, and roscons.

WEBSITE | 3842 S Congress Ave

4. The New location of District Kitchen + Cocktails

District Kitchen Anderson Lane Austin Texas

This is a GREAT place to grab happy hour with coworkers in north Austin! They’ve been open on slaughter Lane for a while now, but the new north Austin Anderson Lane location just opened about a month ago. I love their seasonal, locally sourced food and bright, beautiful cocktails. 

(I mean, let’s be real….I’m drinking mocktails these days, but I’m counting down the days until I can drink their fun, colorful cocktails again.) 

7858 Shoal Creek Blvd | WEBSITE

5. Because they’re open now….Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Casey's New Orleans Snowballs

Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs is a seasonal business, and I’m always so happy when they open for the summer months! I could eat shaved ice every day in the summer! 

I love all the tropical/fruity flavors like coconut, Pina colada, mango, and berry. 

808 E 51st St | WEBSITE


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