7 Cookie Delivery Companies In Austin

Anyone else find that all of this Social Distancing makes them, well…hangry? Mmmm, that’s probably not the right word for it. It’s more like I’m-just-in-the-mood-to-eat-my-feelings-all-the-time. Whatever. We just need some good cookie delivery companies in Austin right now. 

Monster Cookie from Henbit in Austin Texas

These 7 Austin businesses deliver cookies to your door, so you can purchase just enough to feel better. It’s way safer for me to order one giant cookie instead of having two dozen sitting around my house all week. (Although, if there was ever a time to have a dozen cookies in my pantry, this is it.) Here are a few of my favorite places to get fresh cookies in Austin right now while we’re doing social distancing. 

7 cookie delivery companies in Austin

1. Henbit

7 cookie delivery companies in Austin

Austin Monthly called it the ‘best cookie in Austin,” and I wholeheartedly agree. The monster cookie is hands-down one of the tastiest things you can find in our city. It’s full of butter and chocolate and pecans, soft and gooey on the inside with a nice little crunch on the outside. (It’s kind of like the famous cookie in NYC from Levain Bakery, except made with pecans instead of walnuts.) Monster Cookies are massive, but you’re still going to want more than one… |WEBSITE|

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2. Kellie’s Baking Co.

7 cookie delivery companies in Austin

Hellooooo sugar coma! (In the best possible way.) These sugar babies are stuffed and frosted and designed to make you instantly feel better. Try the stuffed Nutella covered in fluff, or the brookie, which is a rich chocolate brownie stuffed inside a massive chocolate chip cookie. Oh, and these covid-19 survival cookies are hysterical. They deliver all over the country, too! |WEBSITE|

3. Tiff’s Treats

Cookie delivery companies in Austin

Austin’s favorite cookie delivery company is coming in clutch right now when we all need warm chocolate chip cookies to make us feel better. Deliver to a friend (or yourself!) for a birthday surprise! |WEBSITE|

4. Epicerie

Who else is in need of two dozen homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies from this darling French restaurant? Bonus: you can also order dinner…unless you’d prefer to just eat cookies for dinner and have your dinner to be entirely made of sugar and butter and carbs, in which case I’m not judging. |WEBSITE|

5. Thoroughbread

Cookie delivery in Austin

Thoroughbread Bakery in South Austin just does a few things, but they do them really well. In addition to beautiful sourdough bread, they offer four types of cookies: banana Nutella, chocolate chip, chocolate chip pecan, and peanut butter & jelly. Delivery isn’t available, but you can email them to order and then pickup in the store. |WEBSITE|

6. Sugar Mama’s 

7 Austin companies that deliver cookies!

All the yums.. Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop has long been my go-to for delicious baked goods, and I’m so happy that the South First location is still open and functioning during this pandemic. Order goodies like sugar cookies, cookie decorating kits, or scrumptious gluten-free monster cookies for pickup or delivery. |WEBSITE|

7. Tiny Boxwoods

7 cookie delivery companies in Austin

The famous chocolate chip cookies at Tiny Boxwoods are here to help us through this trying time, friends. And if you’re telling me that chocolate chip cookies can’t do that, you clearly haven’t ever tried these warm, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Order a lot! |WEBSITE|

Edited to add.. Bang Bang Cookie Co.

cookie delivery companies in Austin

This new cookie delivery company in Austin will drop off their GIANT cookies (currently available by the 1/2 dozen or full dozen) to your doorstep for a contactless delivery. Bang Bang Cookie Co. is named for the process of making their cookies (by hitting the dough with the back of a cookie sheet). These cookies are soft, gooey, and HUGE! Each cookie weighs 5 oz and 6 inches across  |WEBSITE|

PS: looking for healthy deliveries? Here’s where you can get farm fresh produce in Austin. Also, this guide to how to plan a special date night at home. 

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