Where To Get Farm Fresh Produce In Austin During COVID-19

Austin’s first biscuit and jam shop

Where to get farm fresh produce in Austin during covid-19

This crazy virus! It’s causing all sorts food issues. Grocery stores are experiencing food shortages, mostly due to panic and food hoarding  (please don’t do that! There’s enough to go around if we all stay calm and purchase normal amounts of food), so I’ve had people reach out on instagram asking me where they can get farm fresh produce in Austin during COVID-19. I’m rounding up a bunch of resources for you, but please add more in the comments if I left something out!

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Where To Get Farm Fresh Produce In Austin During COVID-19

Farmers’ Markets: They’re still open! Treat them like you would a grocery store: go in, get your food, and leave. They’re normally fun places to hang out with friends on the weekend, but during this COVID-19 pandemic, treat these public spaces with caution and safety. Check their websites and social media accounts to make sure they’re still open – things change fast! Here are the Farmers’ Markets in Austin: 

  • Mueller Farmers’ Markets, Sundays from 10 am – 2 pm |WEBSITE|
  • SFC Farmers’ Markets, Downtown and Sunset Valley,  Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm |WEBSITE|
  • Barton Creek Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm |WEBSITE|
  • Round Rock Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm |WEBSITE|
  • Hillcountry Galleria Farmers’ Maret, Sundays 10 am – 2 pm |WEBSITE|

Food Delivery Services: 


  • Snack Share: I literally just placed an order with them before typing this up! I have some eggs, wagyu beef, green onions, kombucha, chocolate bars, hummus, and snack bars arriving on Sunday, and it’s all local. This incredible service hand selects local farm fresh goodies , and delivers them to your door on Sundays and Mondays. Order ahead on the website. |WEBSITE|
  • Vinder. Restaurants are now allowed to re-sell their produce, meat, and other raw ingredients. Vinder is an app that allows restaurants and others to register as sellers. Download the app, and find someone near you who’s selling fresh produce, herbs, eggs, or baking goods like flour and sugar. |WEBSITE|
  • Prep To Your Door. While this isn’t a box of produce, it is a delivery service that offers homemade meals made from high quality ingredients from Texas farms. You get to enjoy all the benefits of that yummy local produce, minus the work! Pick a subscription of 5, 10, 15, or 20 meals per week. |WEBSITE|
  • Lettuce: This one is SO cool. Rather than using Hello Fresh or Blue Apron or something else that has wasteful packaging and food that is delivered from far away, Lettuce sources local food to support nearby farms, and they have zero-waste packaging. |WEBSITE|
  • Farmhouse Delivery is full right now, but you can put your name on the wait list and check back to see if any openings become available. |WEBSITE|
  • Farm To Table ATX is another fantastic service that delivers locally grown farm products to your home. They’re also full right now and aren’t accepting any new customers for home delivery, but check back often! |WEBSITE

Restaurants With Produce: 


  • Dai Due. They’ve been offering local produce bundles for about $25. Call ahead to see what they have available on a day-by-day basis. |WEBSITE|
  • Salt & Time. This butcher shop is essentially acting as a small grocery store right now with meat, eggs, and produce available. You can also order ahead to get some of their hot food from the restaurant to-go. |WEBSITE
  • Confituras. This is a little jam and biscuit kitchen in South Austin, and they’ve started offering staples like cheese, milk, eggs, bread, fresh fruit, and flowers, in addition to their homemade preserves and freshly made biscuits. Order ahead and they’ll bring it out to your car on Fridays and Saturdays. |WEBSITE|
  • Eden East. This restaurant and farm stand has bundles of produce available Wed-Sat for $20 or $30. Just email them and let them know the day/time that you’ll be in to pick up a bag. |WEBSITE|
  • Austin Daily Press. Ok, this one is so helpful, so take note! Not only can you pick up menu items from the restaurant, like delicious tacos and torts, you can also order ahead and pick up groceries like produce, meat, eggs, dairy, and pantry staples like flour, sugar, and and rice. |WEBSITE|
  • Sour Duck Market. Order online and drive to Sour Duck Market in east Austin to pick up your order of groceries! They have a good selection of produce, several types of eggs and meat, and staples like flour, sugar, butter, coffee, chicken broth, and jam. |WEBSITE|
  • Aviary Wine Kitchen. They’re offering something called a “Bird Box” which includes a bunch of produce (lettuce, citric, beets, greens, and more) flour, and sugar. You can also order produce and protein a la carte. Check out the website for more details. |WEBSITE|
  • Epicerie. Get an “Epic Survival Kit” with local meats, produce, dairy, and dried goods. You can also add on prepared foods (cookie dough! granola! soup!), and you can either pick it up with contactless curbside or get FREE delivery if you’re within 5 miles. |WEBSITE|

Where to get farm fresh produce in Austin during covid-19