We’re Going To Spain!

Hey friends! Just popping in quickly this morning to ask if you could offer any suggestions for our upcoming trip to SPAIN!!!!!! (<- just a teeny bit excited over here.) We’re leaving for our honeymoon in about two weeks, so I still have some time left to do final planning. I’d LOVE to hear some advice from people who have already been! Here are the cities we’ll be visiting:


(I seriously can’t WAIT for all of the tapas bars! Any favorite places to eat? Favorite activities?)

San Sebastian

(It’s also been called the food capital of the world. I can’t pretend to contain my excitement here! There are more Michelin rated restaurants than almost anywhere else in the world! Have you been? Any favorites?)

La Rioja

(Wine time! This region has a lot of vineyards. There are SO many to choose from, so if you’ve been, I’d love any suggestions.)


(People keep telling me they LOVE this city! I’ll be honest that I’ve barely started researching what to do while we’re here. But it looks like a lovely place, so I’m sure we’ll be enjoying ourselves! Any good tips?)

Thanks for any help you have to offer! I love the planning part of traveling….it’s almost as fun for me as actually traveling! Since we’re doing our honeymoon 8 weeks after the wedding, there’s a lot of built up anticipation for this trip. I. Can’t. Wait.

I’m also curious to see how much of my high school Spanish has remained intact. I had big plans to spend these 8 weeks after the wedding on Duolingo freshening up my language skills. I thought it would be nice to at least feel semi-confident when I’m order in restaurants in a different language. But I’ve spent exactly ZERO hours working on it (haha!), so I’ll just be winging it when I get to Spain, most likely conjugating every verb incorrectly.


Sending all the happy Friday vibes out to ya! Have a great weekend!




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7 years ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spain! Barcelona isn’t known for tapas, order set menus here and tapas in other cities in Spain. There are a number of famous Gaudi houses. I really liked Casa Batlló, especially because of the virtual reality devices they give you for the tour and the model of the house in the attic with the light show.
In Seville be sure to get your tickets to the Alcázar online ahead of time.

7 years ago

I LOVE SPAIN! I’m SO excited for you! I went to Barcelona and Seville, and have some posts about my trip: http://www.fearlesscaptivations.com/tag/spain/. Of course, go see Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and Alcazar in Seville. I would recommend looking at Rick Steves’ recs for food in his guidebook. We used it all over Spain and loved all his choices. Can’t wait to follow along your adventure!

7 years ago

Beware pickpockets in Barcelona and go to La Boqueria, the market on the Ramblas. Wowza!

7 years ago

In Sevilla, make sure to check out a Flamenco show! The best we went to was at Casa del Flamenco, but make sure to call ahead to get tickets!

– Claudia

7 years ago

I ditto the Gaudi houses & Sagrada Familia for Barcelona. I also ditto the Flamenco show in Seville.

I loved Montserrat – about an hour outside of Barcelona for a day trip.

Seville was my FAVORITE city in Spain when I visited last year. Go to the Plaza de Espana & the Giralda — the bell tower at the cathedral. I don’t remember specific food places, but remember lots of cute restaurant & shopping places near the cathedral there.

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