Vegan Eats At Citizen Eatery

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

I’m not vegan. I did have a year-long vegan period of life right after college, but ultimately it’s not the lifestyle that fits me best right now. But across all diets and lifestyles, the two things everyone seems to agree on are that:

1. Vegetables are good.

2. Water is good

Hehe! I love eating my veggies, and I’m totally in favor of trying to fit in a few vegetarian meals every week to reduce my carbon footprint and add some extra health into my life.

I ate at Citizen Eatery in North Austin last week, and I’m going to share a few quick photos and thoughts.

Quick Fact About Citizen Eatery

  1. Wife/husband team Aimee and Michael Moyer opened Citizen Eatery in 2016. They both follow mostly (not completely) plant-based diets and believe in the healing powers of plants.
  2. You won’t find a soy-heavy menu. I was happy to see that soy and corn are kept to the bare minimum on this menu.
  3. It’s a 100% vegan and almost 100% gluten-free restaurant. If you follow a plant-based diet, this place is for you!
  4. If you’re vegan, gluten-free, omnivore, or just plain hungry, you’ll find something to enjoy. Like I mentioned, I’m not vegan, but I still found plenty of entrees that were deeply satisfying and delicious.
  5. They offer breakfast all day. If you’re a breakfast lover like me, this fact is worth noting.

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

^ I loved the Assam Burger! It was so flavorful with all of those Indian curry spices. Side note: has anyone ever found a plant-based burger that doesn’t completely fall apart! I seem to always have to use a fork when I eat veggie burgers!

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

^When I do restaurant tastings, I typically try 5-10 entrees and so I don’t get to finish anything, just take bites. These Grilled Pecan Pesto Beets were the exception…we ate every single one of them, and then ordered another pesto dish.

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

^ Pecan Pesto Noodles, Chick’n Tacos, and Yuca Fries: if you order just one thing from Citizen Eatery, be sure to try something with pesto. They’ve mastered that! The Pesto Noodles (made from organic zucchini and butternut spaghetti noodles wit house vegan pesto, grape tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, and sweet onion) was hearty and flavorful.

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

Citizen Eatery vegan eats in Austin

^ There was only one thing that I tasted that I didn’t love: the vegan queso just wasn’t doing it for me… It’s potato-based, so it basically tasted like a rich, creamy potato soup.

As someone who eats dairy-based queso all the time, it’s really hard to find a good dupe! I get it: queso is made of the most processed and worst-for-you cheese “products” of all time (lookin’ at you, velveeta!). And it tastes freaking delicious.

Citizen Eatery

WEBSITE | 5011 Burnet Rd

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5 years ago

Citizen Eatery is on my to-eat list! My friend told me it was a good place to eat too. You order 5-10 entrees for each restaurant visit?! Goodness, I need to get on your budget level to try more food!

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