Sister Weekend In Austin

guild brunch in austin

guild brunch in austin

Ky and I always have such sweet sister times. I wish Dallas wasn’t so far away! Here’s what we did when she came to visit me in Austin last weekend:


I had to teach for a few hours on Saturday morning so Kylee and Nate went to the downtown farmers market to pick up some groceries for the week.

When I was finished, I drove downtown to meet them for lunch at Fareground! Love eating there with a group because there are 6 different restaurants. Everyone can try something different! We got bites from Antonelli’s, Dai Due, Henbit, and Easy Tiger, plus a drink from the bar.

Friends. Real talk.

If you haven’t had this monster cookie from Henbit (the same team that does Emmer & Rye) YOU NEED TO FIX THAT! It’s kind of like the famous cookie from Levain Bakery in NYC… It’s so huge that the inside doesn’t really get baked all the way through, so it’s like warm, melty cookie dough on the inside. This thing is giant, and I’ve yet to be able to finish one by myself.

The dreary weather is relentless right now! I feel like the rain either needs to really pour, or just completely go away. Austin has been in limbo for about two weeks, and the sun just barely peeks out, then it’s cloudy again, but there haven’t been many real storms.

I’m over it.

Anyhow, what do you do on a rainy day? Go to Alamo Drafthouse! We ordered some craft beer and watched Crazy Rich Asians, and I loved it! It’s the perfect feel-good rom com, and YAY all-Asian cast! That’s a pretty cool bit of progress for our country.

(Note to self: I need to read the book. If you’ve read it, let me know if it’s still worth reading after watching the movie.)

Aviary Wine Bar and Kitchen is just down the road from the movie theater, so we went there for the end of their new Saturday happy hour: half off all bottles. What the what? This beautiful Nebbiolo ended up being just $27 with the discount!

We stayed here and chatted for….about 2 hours? Give Ky and me a bottle of wine, a cute bar, and a rainy day, and we can probably talk forever. I love this girl so much.

Ok, so the next part of Saturday is oh-so-typical for us. It was about 8 pm, kinda cloudy outside, and all we wanted was pizza and queso. Since Kylee had never tried Via 313 I insisted we get our pizza there, so we called it in to place an order. (Hint: the wait time at the trailer on Rainey is less than half the time as the brick-and-mortar, and you can still just call it in ahead of time!)

Then we drove to Torchy’s Tacos and got some queso. I don’t care what anyone says…Torchy’s will always be my #1 queso forever and ever amen.

Then we came home and ate our very healthy dinner and watched episodes of Friends in sweatpants. Because this is what sisters do.


Brunch was so much fun! Guild launched their new brunch service last week, so we went in to check it out!

Guild Brunch in Austin

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guild brunch in austin

I love it. I really, really do. I need to go back and eat it a few more times, but I’m pretty sure this brunch is going to be one of my favorite go-to brunches in Austin. If you check it out, let me know your thoughts!

A quick stop to do some shopping on the way home {not pictured, because shopping stresses me out and I can’t take photos while I do it. God bless fashion bloggers for managing to shop and photograph and ‘gram all at the same time!}

And then back home to change in to sweatpants (#predictable…haha!) and watch the Cowboys game!

…and I might have munched on some leftover pizza, too.

Y’all, I just love these simple weekends with food and family. There was nothing extraordinary about this weekend, but it was one of those weekends that made my relationship with my sister even stronger, and we made so many inside jokes and laughed and talked and shared our hearts and I love this girl SO much!

Thankful for you, Ky!

And then on Monday it was back to Barre Code at 6 am! Did y’all see that they just opened their downtown location? They’re doing two weeks of free classes, and the grand opening is Sep 22. If you want to sign up for a free class, click here!

Happy, happy Friday! I’m so thankful for YOU for stopping by to read today!


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