Monday Chat: What I Eat In A Day (Home Edition)

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

I shared my first Monday Chat two weeks ago (check it out here) about how I approach eating as a food blogger. On most days (especially when I have restaurant visits lined up), I have masses of food available to me, so I’ve had to gradually shift my approach to eating to avoid weight gain.. I share lots of details about that in this post, but my basic approach to decide what I will or won’t eat is just asking the question, will this food make me happy? 

Today, I decided to share a little snapshot into what a normal day of eating looks like for me. I recorded this exactly one week ago, on Monday, Jan 14th.

Prepare to be very, very bored.

Ha! I picked this day out in advance, and then when the day actually rolled around, I had exactly zero restaurant trips planned for that particular day. That’s pretty rare for me….I usually go out somewhere, if not for a meal, then at least for a latte or a pastry or a breakfast taco.

But this just so happened to be a day where I ate/drank absolutely everything at home! I thought about not sharing it at all, but I figured I’d go ahead and share these snapshots with you so you can see a veeeery simple day of what I typically eat.

Even though I typically eat out a few times a week, this is actually a good representation of what I’m usually eating at home.

5:38 am: lots of water

Ha, I told you this was a boring post! I start my day with tons and tons of water. I drink a bunch within 60 seconds of waking up, because right after my alarm goes off, I immediately stagger into my bathroom, grab my morning supplements (fish oil and a probiotic), and gulp down about 6 oz of water.

And then I head to my morning barre class and keep sipping water throughout. I have this Yeti rambler, and I love love love it because it’s HUGE (so I’m always drinking tons of water), and it keeps the water extra cold for hours and hours (necessary in Texas.)

7:00 am: COFFEE

The first thing I do when I get home from The Barre Code is drink my morning cup of coffee! (You can click here to read about how I prepare my coffee every morning. I’m currently using a kalita wave and whatever coffee we received from MistoBox that week.)

I’m a slow coffee drinker. I make it at 7:00, and then I sip on in while I feed the cat, do my morning journaling or mediation, shower, get dressed, do hair/makeup, and get ready to start my day.

8:45 am: breakfast

I’ve always preferred to have an empty stomach when I workout (whether it’s running, swimming, barre, or yoga). I just feel better doing my workout first, and eating a few hours later.

Pictured here: one scrambled egg + s&p in a tsp of butter, a leftover sausage patty from my brunch at Rosewood the day before, and a clementine.

10:00 am: topo chico

I’ve started doing my grocery shopping on Monday mornings instead of Sunday afternoons, because the stores are way less crowded!

I forgot my Yeti…or maybe my hands were full and I opted to bring my coffee cup instead of my water? Either way, I love drinking lots and lots of water, and when I realized mid-errands that I had no water with me, I grabbed a Topo Chico at the checkout counter at HEB.

11:00 am: tea

I’m typically a one-cup-of-coffee-a-day sort of girl, and then I sip on green or black tea in the afternoon. On this day, I heated some water and made a cup of chai tea + honey while I worked at my desk.

12:00 pm: lunch

Nate has been on a huge pizza-making kick lately, and I’m not complaining.

He came home from work at lunch time and made a sausage + mozzarella pizza. I ate a slice of it, then went back for another half slice.

2:00 pm: snackies

After a few hours of working on my computer, I went downstairs and made myself a second cup of tea and grabbed a handful of chocolate covered walnuts to snack on. I teach back-to-back violin lessons for about 4 hours every afternoon, so I like to make sure I’m hydrated/caffeinated/full before I start teaching so I’m not distracted by hunger.

7:00 dinner

I cooked dinner on this particular night (Nate and I alternate – right now I do Mon/Wed, and he does Tue/Thur, and then we eat out or have leftovers or cook together on the other nights.)

I made a sausage/kale/lentil skillet from America’s Test Kitchen. We have the online subscription, and oh my soul…it offers me SO many recipe ideas!

8:00: wine + chocolate

Because you can’t watch The Bachelor without a bottle of wine. Rachel was over, and she and I watched the show together both had a glass of wine and a couple squares of dark chocolate.

I’ve officially decided I can’t handle The Bachelor any more. I LOVED it about 6-7 years ago, but in the past few years I’ve been skipping seasons. I decided to give this one a try, and I just CAN NOT DEAL. I can’t. Ha! I’m officially too old and cynical for this show now!

I mean, that’s it y’all! It was so boring. #Sorrynotsorry that’s my real life.

Maybe the next time I do this I’ll happen to have 8 awesome restaurant visits lined up on that day! But in all seriousness, this is a pretty good representation of the type of food I’m eating at home.

I’ll chat with y’all again soon! Come back on Friday for a round up of a bunch of ATX restaurants I’ve been loving lately!

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[…] What I Eat In A Day (Home Edition) […]

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