Brunching At Boiler Nine

Happy Monday! So, yesterday was #nationalfriendshipday….who knew, right? Haha. Seems like there’s a National [insert-any-random-crap-you-want-people-to-buy-more-of] Day for everything. Whatever. It’s a little ridiculous to me that every single day has to be a “national food day” because it’s obviously just a marketing scheme. (I mean…it totally pulls me in sometimes!) But National Friendship Day? Welll…that’s something I can get excited about. Especially when it involves a really good brunch at a place I’ve been dying to try. 

I spent the morning eating brunch at Boiler Nine Bar + Grill with MoniqueBoiler Nine has been on my “To Eat” list since it opened last summer, and now that I’ve been, I can tell you that it’s absolutely lovely! It’s great for:

  • Big groups of girlfriends (like a #nationalfriendshipday brunch!)
  • Saturday AND Sunday brunch (lots of places only serve brunch on Sundays).
  • Delicious food in a trendy downtown setting
  • A price point that won’t break the bank (seriously, some brunches are just way too expensive! Boiler Nine is reasonable.)
  • Good breakfast cocktails
  • Local + seasonal food

Happy National Friendship Day to this lady! I met Kaley a few months ago through blogging, and she is such a gem!

Boiler Nine’s brunch menu is drool-worthy…but it also isn’t unreasonably unhealthy. Sure, there are items like the Beer Bread {BBQ Salt | Caramelized Onion | Smoked Beef Fat Butter | Beer Jam} and those giant Steak Fries {Grana Padano | Rosemary | Aioli | Aleppo} pictured above. Those things are oh-so-tasty and worth the splurge!

But you can also find the fresh, healthy items like the Seeded Toast {Avocado | Pickled Red Onion | Feta}. 

The Lambic Peach Sour was my favorite cocktail I tried: {Lambic Peach Beer, Bergamot Bourbon, Ginger Root Honey, Lemon, Mint}. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail with brunch?!


Lovely brunch dishes! Left to right, clockwise: Grilled Angus Brisket Hash, Shrimp + Grits, and Seven Spiced Braised Capra Lamb. 

I loved it. I really did. I’ll be back at Boiler Nine for another brunch soon. It’s trendy, bright, tasty, and in a great location downtown.

Seems like every time I cross one restaurant on my To-Eat list, 3 more pop up!! I have a bunch of Austin restaurants I’m desperately wanting to try….  Any restaurants on your list? Let me know!

Happiest Monday to you!






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6 years ago

We love Boiler Nine but have never been for brunch – just lunch and dinner! Looks like their brunch is pretty amazing., so we will have to check it out. The beer bread is just to die for….

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