7 Restaurants in Austin I’m Dying To Try

It’s a black hole…y’know? Every time I cross one restaurant off my “to try” list, three more show up! I’ve accepted the fact that the list will never disappear, but that’s half the fun of it. 😉 Here are a bunch of restaurants that I’m hoping to try soon!

Any favorites you’ve been to recently? Let me know in the comments below! 


This is a modern mexican restaurant, so I’m curious how it compares to something like La Condesa. This restaurant was opened by the same guys who did Old Thousand and Hopddody Burger Bar, so they’re coming from a good place.

2. Bonhomie

The website along is enough to draw me in… (seriously, go check it out – it’s adorable!). I’m curious about their take on French food, since it’s a “French Bistro-inspired American Diner. Or an American diner-inspired French bistro.” So there’s a lot of potential there for some fun food. Oh, and I’m kind of dying to try their brunch for that Rum Baba French Toast

Chef Philip Speer is also the one who started the My Name Is Jo Coffee Co., the charitable coffee trailer.

3. Red Ash Italia

Ok, is there anyone else out there who hasn’t been to Red Ash yet? Haha…because I feel like I’m the only one! I’ve heard fantastic things about their pasta (I want that pappardelle!!), the wine list, and the decor.

I need a downtown happy hour date for this one, because they offer $2 off glasses of wine, and small pastas for $8 from 4:30-6:30! Eek!

4. El Chipirón

After eating all that Jamón Ibérico during our honeymoon, I can’t stop craving it. El Chipirón is Austin’s newest Spanish tapas restaurant. They offer a brunch, but I’m not as excited about that as I am about their dinner menu:

Salmorejo & Jamón Ibérico (Heirloom tomato, Pan, Sherry Vinegar, Iberian Ham)

(ooh, and this one:)

Arroz Negro (Squid, Squid Ink, Bomba Rice, Clams, Mussels, Scallop, Ali-Oli.)


5. Tiny Boxwoods

This is the second location (the first is in Houston), and every single part of this place looks lovely. The team at Tiny Boxwoods seems to put a lot of thought and care into every detail.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch (hello!!!), but I’m most excited for the breakfast. I’d love to stop in, order a flat white and a pastry board, and sit completely alone while I read a book for an hour.

Oh, and part of their philosophy is: when in doubt, use goat cheese. I can be friends with these people.

6. Otoko

You can’t place reservations for Otoko…you buy “tickets” for $150 which reserve your spot in the 12-seat restaurant at South Congress Hotel. I’ll have to find a special occasion for this one (hmm, Nate…how do you feel about celebrating our “6 monthiversary” in September? Can that be a thing?).

7. Mattie’s

Nate and I were biking around Bouldin Creek last week and biked past this place, and it reminded me… I WANT TO GO TO THERE!

Mattie’s is new, but its location isn’t. It’s sitting on Green Pastures, a lovely upscale hotel/dining/event space that originally established in 1893. The restaurant was closed and then reopened this year as a new concept…and I want to try it out!

The space includes a renovated victorian home, an outdoor pavilion, and big, shady live oaks. Once the weather cools off, I’m planning a weekend brunch under those big ol’ trees.

7 restaurants. I mean, that’s the short list. In reality, my iPhone has a note with about 60 places in Austin.

How are we all doing with the start of a new school year rapidly approaching? Even though I’m not a school teacher or student anymore, the end of August always signifies a “new beginning” for me. I can’t help it…I was in the school system for too long to be able to breeze through August and not think, “we’re starting a new year!”

I love new beginnings, and August always makes me step back, set goals, and reevaluate how I’m doing. One of the biggest things I’m working on right now is spending more quality time with those I love. I’m such a CHECKLIST person (always have been!), so doing something that I can’t check off a list is not my strength. But I’m recognizing more and more how important it is to invest in my friendships, so this fall I’m going to be focusing on just that: quality time with people.

Thanks for stopping by today, ya’ll.

XO, Kelsey





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6 years ago

I’ll join you at Tiny Boxwoods, Bonhomie, or Mattie’s anytime, you just let me know when! 🙂

6 years ago

We have very similar lists! I saw the Tiny Boxwoods location in Houston this past weekend (we went to check out Tiny’s Milk & Cookies window and their shop next door), and it is stunning! We are planning to go to happy hour at ATX Cocina this weekend, and I’m so excited about it! Also, Red Ash really DOES have an amazing happy hour. The “small” $8 pastas are really enough for a meal – even better, split a couple with a friend!

Reply to  Kelsey
6 years ago

Yeah, I’d love that! I can walk there from work, so I can get there easily most days!

6 years ago

I’ve got Otoko, El Chipiron, and ATX Cocina on my list too! I bet you would love Tiny Boxwoods. It is too cute!

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