Nate and Milo in Ohio

A few weeks ago, Nate and Milo went up to Ohio for a quick weekend trip. Here are a few pics, if you’d like to see!

Milo is incredibly fortunate he’s been able to meet 3 of his great-grandparents! He’s spent plenty of time with my grandfather, because he lives here in Texas.

He even drove down to Austin to visit us a couple months ago!

And then last year Milo was able to meat Nate’s maternal grandfather (oddly, both Nate’s and my maternal grandfathers are named Robert, which is how Milo got his middle name.)

So in January Nate and Milo flew to Ohio to say hello to Nate’s grandma! Dayton and I stayed back in Austin for this trip…we’ll bring Dayton along for the next one!

Nate and his mom took Milo to the COSI (kids science museum) in Columbus. What else are you going to do when it’s cooooold outside and your 3-year-old refuses to wear a hat and mittens? 😉

I really love that most major US cities have really cool childrens museums.

Nate was excited to take Milo to Marion’s for pizza! Nate grew up on this and has lots of nostalgia surrounding this restaurant.

They were able to spend the afternoon with Nola, Nate’s grandma, and her husband Bill.

It had been a few years since Nate had been up there to see Bill and Nola, so I know it was a special trip for him.

Nate said that Milo behaved in an entirely appropriate way you might expect a 3-year-old to act when he’s expected to spend an entire day inside around a bunch of adults. 😉

I’m really, really thankful Milo was able to meet his great-grandma.


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