My Life Lately {Vol 8}

Good morning! Hope you’ve been having a calm week. I have a few photos and snippets from my life lately for you today!

My baby is 18 months old. *Sob.*

^ He’s still 2-months-old in my head.

A craving for tacos had me stopping by Discada for a weekday lunch. These tacos are sooooo good! Easily some of the best tacos in Austin.

Austin was a little chilly last week, but our swimming lessons are nice and toasty warm! Milo agreed to start wearing goggles this week..

And I posted this on instagram stories and 3 different people (my sister being one of them) immediately replied “he looks just like 18-month-old Milo here!”

What are you going to do when it’s a cold a dreary day outside? Sit in a box and play a train whistle, of course!

That’s a peek into my life lately. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! XO.

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