My Life Lately {Vol 6}

Hi! It’s Wednesday. How’s your week going?

I’m not going to lie – I’m hurting a bit. I started a new workout routine (trying out a few Peloton programs, include Emma’s Crush Your Core program) and yowza! You know when it hurts to cough because your abs are so sore. Yeah, that’s me.

But I will have abs of steal when I’m done with this.

(Ha…or at least abs that are a tiny bit less destroyed from those two pregnancies. I feel like ALL my core strength is gone and my mid section is a wreck!)

Anyway, that’s what’s up in workout world. Here’s some other stuff that’s been going on in my life lately:

Two little boys in matching swim trunks, waiting for their Emler lesson to start. I loooove having these weekly lessons in the winter. I feel like it helps break up the week, and an indoor lesson is really accessible during the cold months. (The pool is heated AND the air is heated in there, so the boys aren’t shivering the whole time.) They get to stay active in the water and practice water safety skills that get them ready for the summer swim season, and they honestly just have a lot of fun in there.

If you want to get started at Emler, the new semester is about to begin on Jan 22! Use my code KELSEY2335 and you can get $35 off your semester of lessons! 

Dayton baby is always climbing on something. He wanted to get up on this chair while we were waiting for lessons to start.

Post lesson pic. Too cool.

Umm, my sister gave me this Peloton crewneck for Christmas and I’ve basically been living in it. Super cozy and I loooove the bright purple color!

Milo wanted to bike to the mailbox with me, and Dayton came along too and ran behind the bike.

^ Always climbing and getting himself into some sort of a pickle.

Whenever I get my car washed, I take it to Finish Line in Westlake. They do a great job, and they have a nice indoor/outdoor waiting room with free soft serve, popcorn, and soda (+ a lot of other snacks to purchase!) The boys love this car wash, too. I mean, duh! ICE CREAM!

One of our favorite family-friendly brunch spots is down in Driftwood, a bit south of Austin. Have y’all been to Vista Brewing? I love their fresh beer, the big open property, and their fun playground for the kiddos. And recently the food program at Vista has gotten REALLY good! We met Nate’s parents for a Sunday morning brunch and enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine while the boys ran around. Pictured above: their BLT + egg on sourdough. Deeeelish.

^ Running errands at The Domain and I brought Milo along with me. I was trying to get him back to the car and he said, “mommy I need to stop and pick these leaves.” And so we stopped. And he picked leaves. And about 20 minutes later we finally made it to the car. (Things take 18X as long as you think they will when you’re with a toddler.)

Yay yay yay! This is Dayton’s room! The designer, Cathryn, came over to my house to get the frames up on the wall. I’m so excited to share this space with you soon!  Cathryn designed Milo’s room, too, and she has such a creative, beautiful mind. I’m amazed at the rooms she creates. (Her instagram is a fun follow!)

And one final photo of these two precious babies in a shopping cart. Can’t even believe they’re mine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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