My Life Lately {Vol 10}

Oh hi. It’s Wednesday.

I’m sitting here in my office, dark and early, getting a little work done. But first, I wanted to show you a little glimpse into my life lately and what we’ve been up to over here.

^ Two brothers all bathed and ready for bed.

I looove the baby-in-a-diaper-and-oversized-t-shirt look! I often just throw a shirt on Dayton for bed (because he sleeps in a sleep sack and doesn’t care if he’s wearing pants, and it = 50% less laundry for me.) Milo saw what Dayton is wearing and asked if he could match him, so we found his Turks shirt that Grammy and Papa brought back from their cruise last year. I love that Milo wants to match his brother.

Why is Dayton’s shirt soaked through? Because after his bath he will RUN back into the bathroom and try to get back in the bath water where Milo is finishing up his bath time. And if I pull him away he’ll RUN back in there and start splashing the water around.


Let’s just say I’m typically ready for bed right around 7:00 after I get these boys down.

April is usually rainy in Austin, and this year is no exception. I miss our outdoor park time, but the boys aren’t picky and so we’ve been going to the Barton Creek Mall recently. There’s a teeny tiny slide and indoor play place and they both love it.

“Mommy, take my picture in the tunnel. CHEEESE!”

A gymnastics birthday party for one of Milo’s little friends! The boys both had a blast!

^Ahh, my favorite little snippet of my life lately – weekend family meal! Nate grilled steaks and made a smoked tomato and corn salad to enjoy on the side. His aunt was in town so we all gathered on our back patio for delicious meal.

My in-laws brought over a selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegar from Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Co. It’s in Dripping Springs? Have you been? They did a tour and tasting there and sampled dozens of different olive oils and brought back a few of their favorites to share with us! Yum.

^ It was lifeboat safety drill day at Emler! Milo seemed unimpressed that he was sitting in a boat in the middle of an indoor pool. Haha. This child cracks me up.

Aww! Gardening day with Grammy! Nate’s mom is an excellent gardener, so she got this pot for Milo and helps him grow seedlings into big annual flowers. They’re pulling up the begonias from last winter and planting some zinnias.

^ I love Dayton’s little hand resting on Grammy’s shoulder. šŸ™‚

And the silliest one of all to wrap things up…

…early one morning Milo asked if he could give Dayton his morning “hot nook” (warm milk that he drinks right when he wakes up) and, I quote, “feed him like a baby.” So that’s what he did! Dayton cared exactly not at all who was giving him said hot nook. He seemed pretty unfazed about the fact that he had to lay on his brother’s lap. I just lol at these two all day long.

Not super exciting, but that’s an accurate look into my life lately!

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