My Life Lately (Vol 12)

Hey, it’s Wednesday! How are you?

I’m having the BEST week! Seriously. It’s been so productive and efficient and all of my favorite things. Haha.

Here’s a little peek into the day-to-day stuff that’s been happening in my life lately:

Curbside pickup on a hot day. Nothing better. I loooooove not having to get the boys out of the car, haha.

Peloton rides, followed by….

Stretching. I’ve found that, now that I’m in my 30s, I NEED to stretch after every workout. I used to treat stretching like an extra/bonus thing, but at this point in my life, it’s just part of the workout. If I don’t stretch, I feel awful. My body hurts.

Just 5 minutes makes a huge difference!

I had a random day last week where I only had Dayton at home with me in the morning, so he and I enjoyed a big, leisurely breakfast. 1.5 eggs (Dayton and I shared 3 scrambled eggs), 2 pieces of bacon (microwaved in the Anyday!), an English muffin, and some tangerine juice from Trader Joe’s.

Dayton and I enjoyed our breakfast together! 

His little pinky.

We had guests in town last weekend, and Milo took his home-preparation tasks very seriously. He wiped down every single window…

…inside and out! Dayton wanted to help out, too.

He also made some very interesting, very specific choices in the guest rooms. Like taking both tissues boxes (one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom) and placing them side-by-side on the nightstand…

And using a toy push-cart to make “vacuum tracks” in the carpet upstairs. Haha.

And we’re still enjoying nightly ice cream outside on the driveway after riding bikes! These boys are such goobers.

That’s a look into my life lately! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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