Kid-Friendly Breweries in Austin

kid friendly breweries in Austin

While most breweries are considered “kid-friendly,” I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for kid friendly breweries in Austin that were actually designed for kids! I get it. When I had my baby boy in 2019, breweries were the first places we went out as a family. They’re big and spacious and noisy, so a crying infant didn’t disrupt anyone. There’s typically plenty of space to park a stroller by your table and enjoy a date night or an afternoon with friends. 

But as Milo grew and got more active (my toddler loves to RUN!), I started seeking out breweries that are safe for busy children. I love finding Austin breweries with playgrounds, especially when they’re fenced or far away from cars and parking lots. My single criterion that worked for an infant (basically any brewery that has enough space to spread out with an infant and a stroller) wasn’t enough for a good family-friendly brewery space if you’re visiting with more active kiddos. 

And so I’m really happy to share this guide with you! I’ve brought my son to sooo many breweries in Austin, so I’ve got the best list of amazing breweries you can check out with your little ones. 

kid friendly breweries in Austin
kid friendly breweries in Austin


These breweries have lots of space. If you’re going to a brewery with a young one, you need space to safely run around, plus big tables for the diaper bags and tote bags and snack bags, room to park a stroller, and maybe space to set up a portable high chair.

A dedicated playground is a huge bonus! Most of the Austin breweries I’m going to mention have amazing playgrounds for kiddos. (Some of them just have big fields, which can be equally magical.) I’ll be sure to clearly state if it’s a brewery with a playground. 

Easy parking. While I absolutely adore lots of the breweries in east Austin (like Zilker, Lazarus, and Blue Owl), that part of town is starting to get so crowded and weekend parking can be a nightmare. If I’m going to a brewery with my toddler, I want to know that I’m guaranteed a parking spot that’s easy walking distance to the tap room. 

kid friendly breweries in Austin

1. Meanwhile Brewing Company 

East Austin

Playground? YES

kid friendly breweries in Austin: Meanwhile

This place is such a gem because it’s in Austin proper, yet it’s a HUGE space! I absolutely love their beers (the hazy IPAs are yum), and there are some food trucks parked on site if you want to grab dinner. 

The playground is great, but there’s also just a lot of space here for kids to run around. I also love that there’s an area with turf for a nice, soft floor for little babies. 

Meanwhile Brewing Co. 

3901 Promontory Point Dr, Austin, TX 78744

(512) 308-3659

2. Austin Beerworks

North Austin

Playground? YES

kid friendly brewery in Austin: Austin Beerworks

First off, let me just say that the play space is rather small (not a huge epic playground like some of the breweries you’ll find in Dripping Springs.) But the outdoor picnic table area has a soft squishy turf AND it’s fenced in, so it’s an amazing place to go with little toddlers! 

Austin Beerworks

3001 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758

(512) 821-2494

3. Live Oak Brewing

East Austin

Playground? NO

While it doesn’t have a dedicated playground, Live Oak is one of the Austin breweries that Nate and I find ourselves visiting most often with Milo! It’s one of the largest properties in the Austin beer scene, and he’ll wander around the grassy area for hours (with a parent following him closely, of course. 😉 ) 

It’s located near the airport, so there are planes flying overhead every few minutes. He never ceases to be amazed by these (pointing up to the sky and yelling, “oh, wow!” so that’s a cute little bonus for a toddler. I also love love love their pilsner, which is a nice low gravity beer to sip on in the hot Texas summers. 

Live Oak Brewing co. 

1615 Crozier Ln, Del Valle, TX 78617

(512) 385-2299

4. Family Business Beer Co. 

Dripping Springs

Playground? YES

kid friendly breweries in Austin

Definitely one of THEEE most kid friendly breweries in the Austin area! Their playground is epic, the parking lot is large, the beer is great, and they have so much space on the property for young ones to run around. 

There are some big picnic tables outside (some of them on the shaded porch), a food truck, and occasionally you can catch live music! {photo via Family Business}

Family Business Beer Co. 

19510 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

(512) 829-4202

5. 12 Fox Beer Co. 

Dripping Springs

Playground? YES

12 Fox Beer Co

This is another Dripping Springs brewery with a playground, and it’s located very close to Family Beer (just in case that one is too crowded on the weekends and you need another option.)

12 Fox has a REALLY cool playground that even makes me, as an adult, kind of want to go run and play. 

12 Fox Beer Co

4700 W Fitzhugh Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

(512) 626-4458

6. Jester King

Dripping Springs

Playground? NO

We’re still talking about kids friendly breweries in Dripping Springs, and that’s because there’s just so much space! Jester King is one of my top brewery recomendations in the Austin area whether you’re visiting with kids or not: they’re nationally recognized for their spontaneous fermentation, they have some of the best pizza in Austin, and the huge property is absolutely beautiful. 

While there’s not a playground on site, there’s endless space for young kids to toddle around and big kids to play soccer or freeze tag. And adults win because the beer is just SO good here. 

Jester King

13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736

(512) 661-8736

7. Central Machine Works

kid friendly breweries in Austin

Ok, there’s no playground here, but I’ve brought my toddler with great success. That’s because Central Machine works has a large parking area, a huge outdoor patio with picnic tables, AND a huge indoor space. Quick note: the big doors are typically left open, so the inside of the brewery is hot in the summer! This is an excellent option for young ones in the spring/autumn months. 

Bonus: they have a kids menu, a pub menu for adults, and wine/seltzers/cocktails for those who aren’t into beer. 

Central Machine Works

4824 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

(512) 220-2340

8. Roughhouse Brewing

San Marcos 

Playground? YES 

Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos
kid friendly breweries in Austin

The beer at Roughhouse is similar to Jester King in that they use wild fermentation, so you can taste lots of unique flavors. (They also have an amazing 3.3% table beer that I would sip on during pregnancy – it’s rare to find a beer that low in ABV!)

The playground is teeny tiny (you can see it in the background of the photo above), but the entire outdoor space is excellent for kids. There’s plenty of parking, lots of shade under the trees, and big tables with room to spread out. Plus their food menu is delicious!

Roughhouse Brewing

680 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos, TX 78666

(512) 667-7000

9. Treaty Oak

Dripping Springs

Playground: NO

kid friendly breweries in Austin

Technically it’s a distillery, but Treaty Oak also has a brewery and a winery component, plus excellent food at Alice’s Restaurant on-site. Even when the parking lot looks crowded, there’s still plenty of room! This ranch is 28 acres and there’s tons of space for kids to run around. {photo via Treaty Oak Distilling}

Treaty Oak Distilling

16604 Fitzhugh Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

(512) 400-4023

10. Vista Brewing

kid friendly breweries in Austin

Not only do they have an amazing beer program and serve super-local food, Vista Brewing also has a great playscape for kids and lots of space for families in the Beer Garden.

Milo loves running around on their wooden playscape, and Nate and I love the beers. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy some quality family time. {photo via Vista Brewing}

Vista Brewing

13551 Ranch to Market Rd 150, Driftwood, TX 78619

(512) 766-1842

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Super handy! My mum friends will absolutely love this post!

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Treaty Oak has a playground by the restaurant

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