Overnight Stay at Jester King Inn

Last weekend Nate and I took the boys out to Jester King to check out their new inn! (It’s 20 minutes from our home, so no flight with two babies or lengthy road trip this time.) We’ve been a fan of Jester King for ages. After our very first date in 2014, Nate and I were walking outside and he said, “so, do you like pizza?” (I mean, duh…) And he follows up with, “there’s a place called Jester King that I’ve been wanting to check out.”

I mean, first off: what better way to solidify the second date than with the mention of farmhouse pizza and ales? Secondly, we’ve been fans of Jester King for a while.

If you’re a beer geek and you’re into wild yeast and spontaneous fermentation, Jester King is literally the king. If you just love wide open spaces and beautiful Texas sky, you’ll still love Jester King.

They opened the Jester King Inn recently, and they invited me in to check it out for an overnight stay! There are a handful of cabins that you can rent, some camping sites, and a communal area with space for bonfires, picnic tables, and bathrooms for the tent campers. Jester King Inn is right next to the brewery, so you can walk over there for beer, pizza, trivia, a nature walk, petting the goats in the goat farm, and more beer and then just walk right back home to your cabin.

Here are a trillion pictures from our stay:

^ Checking in! We stayed at the Ruby Cabin, so there was plenty of space for all four of us. Milo ran around in pure delight exploring the cabin. He started calling in the “orange house.”

Check in was easy – the innkeeper just sent me an email with the keypad code, and I arrived around 4 pm to a beautiful little cabin!

^ There’s a great big central area in this one. We ended up hanging out at the brewery for most of the afternoon, but in the hot summer months this space would be nice for gathering for meals, games around the table, or just a break with some a/c.

^ His face!! The scrunchy face that babies make is my favorite.

^ Nate and I took the primary room. It has a private back deck and an outdoor shower!

^ The second bedroom had two beds, so it was wayyy too much sleeping space for us (Milo still sleeps in a pack-n-play when we travel). But my two-year-old definitely enjoyed climbing on all the beds. 🙂

I always appreciate a tub now that I have two little ones to bathe. I’ve stayed in places that only have showers, and I’m not going to lie – we just skip baths for the babies at that point.

^ The Ruby Cabin has a second private deck off the kitchen, and this one was really spacious!

And then…

…Milo’s favorite room of the house.

A bunk bed + toy shelves!

His was running around the house exploring, but once he found this room he stayed put. “I play with these toys all day??”

^Two brothers on the bunk beds! It will be soooo cute some day when they can actually sleep on these beds!

Jester King left a few bottles for us to enjoy – so kind! Thank you.

So we got all settled in and then headed over to the brewery and farm!

^ Look at that little smolder on his face!

Milo and Nate ran around while Dayton and I ordered some food and beer. They have an awesome little playscape at Jester King now (I love that there are so many Dripping Springs breweries with playgrounds now!!), and Milo burned off tons of energy.

Love that Texas sky!

Just waiting for our pizza! Dayton clearly wanted a taste of my beer.

It was delicious. I don’t blame him.

Pizza time!

I love their pizza so much. They use indigenous yeast from their land, and the toppings are always so creative and delicious. I gave Dayton a piece of crust to chew on, and he loved it.

My handsome little 2-year-old! I love this baby so.

^ We walked over to the goat farm. You can go on a “goat walk” around the property, but it’s not stroller friendly and I wasn’t sure if Milo would be up for a long walk. (He’s hit or miss with that sort of thing.)

So we decided to get tickets to a visit to the goat pen instead. Look at this photo of Milo visiting the goats a year ago…

…and now a photo of Dayton. Both of my boys are obsessed with these baby goats.

So if you want something cute to do with babies in Austin, bring them to the goat farm at Jester King!

It was all way too scrumptious. Nate and I each had about 1/4 of a pint left, and the goats immediately drank it all. No worries at all though – I will gladly sacrifice my beer in order to get those adorable smiles from my baby!!

We walked back to the brewery, had a few more bites of food, and let Milo play.

^ Dayton chewed on his stroller strap. Fun times.

^ Milo found a cat on the way back and wanted to pet it.

Seeing him drawn to animals right now makes me so sad that our sweet Storm isn’t with us anymore. I think that Milo is just getting to the perfect age to have a cat in the home.

We love you, Jester King!

We went back to the cabin and did the bedtime routine. Only one picture because it’s always madness! But Milo and Nate read books on the top bunk (Milo didn’t sleep there, just read books there) and I thought it was so precious.

I finished nursing Dayton and putting him down to bed and walked out to the deck to find this! Nate had poured me a beer and set out the food: we got an additional pizza + some pork ribs to enjoy after the kids went to bed. All the heart eyes.

We lucked out with the PERFECT spring evening in Texas. No mosquitos, a cool breeze, and the sound of cicadas in the trees. I’m not a big fan of tent camping these days (maybe once the babes are a bit older I’ll give it a try…) but getting to enjoy beer outside on a deck and then having an air conditioned bedroom waiting for me is my idea of a great night in the hill country.

^ Good morning! Both babies slept great!

Some morning snuggles with my baby.

Milo was so excited to play with those toys again, ha. There’s something about toys out of context that are so much more exciting to this little one. We have lots of these toys at home, but when he got to this new special “orange house” and found “Milo’s room” he was just delighted with the toys on the shelves.

We played for a while in the morning before packing up and heading back home. It was such a fun stay!

All the details for the Jester King Inn are on their website. They also have an instagram handle where you can check out lots of photos of the rentals!

Ok friends, now that I have this little family of mine and I share some blog posts about family stuff, I decided to start a tag on this website so it can all be in one place. So if you want to see blog posts about my family, just click here! You’ll find all of them, from family vacations to random outings around Austin. (Motherhood-specific stuff is here. I share things like posts about breastfeeding, sleep training, mindset shifts, and various other things I’ve learned since becoming a mom in the motherhood category.

That’s it for now! Glad you stopped by today. X.

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