How To Get Motivated To Workout When You’re In A Slump

How to get motivated to workout when you're in a slump

How do you get motivated to workout when you’re in a slump? We’re 10 days into 2020, which is when New Year resolutions often go out the window. It’s super fun to start a workout routine on January 1, but a few weeks into the month it’s much harder. Personally, I’m in a weird phase of life for my workouts because I have a newborn baby to care for, and my time isn’t 100% my own anymore. I’m also dealing with a postpartum body, and I’ll be honest: some days I feel really excited to get my body back in shape, and other days the baggy skin around my abdomen makes me less excited. But I’m always trying to figure out ways to get motivated to workout, and I’m going to share them with you! 

How to get motivated to workout when you're in a slump

I’ve definitely had my highs and lows with workout motivation throughout the years. In college, when I was a competitive swimmer, the Christmas and summer breaks were the hardest times for me to workout because I had to be self-motivated to do it by myself. Then I went through several years of gym memberships and long-distance running. Those years were the hardest in regards to workout motivation, because I never truly loved what I was doing for a workout…I was mostly focused on burning calories and watching my weight, which wasn’t fun for me. And then in the past three years, I’ve discovered The Barre Code, and I’ve never felt more inspired to workout. Even waking up for 6 am workouts has become fun! 

How to get motivated to workout when you're in a slump

However, I still sometime struggle with finding ways to get motivated to workout when I’m in a slump. Here are a few things that have helped me when I need some positive energy: 

How To Get Motivated To Workout When You’re In A Slump

1. Wear clothes that fit you well. Nothing is more miserable than trying to squeeze into a pair of leggings that used to fit, or suffering through a workout class in yoga pants that aren’t high-rise, so you feel like you’re spilling out of them the whole time. Not. Worth. It. Donate the clothes that don’t make you feel awesome, and spend the $100 to get a phenomenal pair of running shoes or leggings or a sports bra that makes you feel like, well…a hundred bucks! I know that spending money on workout gear is sometime a bummer, but think of this: one new item in your workout wardrobe could make the difference between making it to your workout class tomorrow, and that momentum will keep you going through next week, and then your body feels so good that you keep it up for the month, and then the year… The snowball effect is real! 

2. Tell your workout plan to your most high-vibe friend. Text that person who is always so fit and happy and motivated to workout, and tell her that you’re struggling to get excited to workout, but “here’s my plan.” Then share it with her. I guarantee that telling someone else about it will help motivate you out of your workout slump. DON’T text the friend who you know will complain with you and convince you to put off your workout routine for just one more month. 

3. Sign up for something. A 5k, a triathlon, a month of unlimited classes at The Barre Code, a 50 mile bike ride, (the Real Ale ride in Austin has always looked so fun), or a marathon relay (my family did the Dallas marathon relay and it was a blast.) Pay the registration fee, put the event on your calendar, announce on Facebook that you’re training for a race, and start getting excited! We value the things we spend money on, so you’ll be much more motivated to keep running if you’re training for a half marathon, versus just trying to “run every day for a month.” 

4. Do a workout you love. You might be sick of hearing me say this, but I believe it so deeply! If I don’t love the workout, I won’t do it. I go to the Barre Code because I love the boutique studio feel, the dim lighting, the loud music, the small classes where the instructors know me, the a/c in the summer, the comfy clothes I get to wear to class, and the fact that it’s just a quick drive from my house and has easy parking. If you don’t absolutely love the workout you’re doing, try out a bunch of things until you find something that’s so much fun! 

5. Write a love letter to your current body and your future body. If you’re not motivated to workout, there’s a good chance that it’s because you don’t love the way your body looks. (I’m dealing with some of that in my postpartum recovery.) Practice falling in love with your body, however she looks or feels. Write down a list of things you love about the current version of yourself (“I love my strong legs that carry me around all day” or “I’m thankful for these amazing shoulders that can complete 5 push-ups) and practice saying “thank you” to your strong, capable body. Then write down a list of all the things you love about your future body, as if you’re already there (“I’m so thankful to be lean and fit” or “I love my arms, because they can complete 20 push-ups) and soak up those good vibes. We become what we focus on, so focus on the person you want to create.

How to get motivated to workout when you're in a slump

I hope that this is helpful to you! I’m working on this right now, too. Every week, day, and hour is a chance to hit “reset” and get motivated all over again. 

The barre code just launched their January challenge. It’s called #ICameToGain and it’s a 30 day challenge where we can all pick the number of classes we’ll complete…15, 20, or 25. I chose to do 15 this time, which is going to be a big challenge for me with a newborn to care for! But I know I’ll complete it, and I’m super proud of my future self for finishing. I’m confident I’ll feel amazing at the end of the month, and all of those early morning workouts will be 100% worth it. 

What’s your motivation going to be? Let me know in the comments! We can hold each other accountable this month! 

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amazing tips hun!

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