Daily Harvest Review (2021)

Daily Harvest Review 2021

I definitely thought that Daily Harvest was just a smoothie delivery company (which honestly was what I needed.) Fast forward a few months, and I’ve been getting box after box of these incredibly delicious, life-giving, energy-boosting superfood meals and enjoying them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. I’ve tried soooo many items to find the best Daily Harvest menu items (and the worst, ha!), and it’s clearly time that I share a Daily Harvest review with ya.

Daily Harvest Review 2021

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What Is Daily Harvest?

It’s a menu of meals made from whole, organic fruits and vegetables. They’re shipped to you frozen (so all the nutrients are locked in while the produce is at its freshest) and you store the meals in your freezer until you’re ready to eat. 

Daily Harvest Review 2021: is it worth the cost?

These meals are soooo tasty! They’re all gluten-free, dairy-free, nourishing meals that are designed to make you feel your best. And I’m just going to attest to that right now: when I’m eating these meals regularly, my brain fog lifts, I feel more energetic (both at work and when I’m watching my busy toddler), I sleep better at night, and I just feel happier. Good food = magic. 

How much does Daily Harvest cost?

Daily Harvest is expensive. I’m just going to say that right away. (They did give me a discount code, so feel free to use SOMUCHLIFE to save a significant amount on your order!) 

Here’s what I know, though: organic fruits and vegetables are the future. I think we’re all pretty aware of how horrible we’ve been to our earth in the past century with conventional farming. We’ve destroyed the soil, cheapened the produce, and really robbed ourselves of the nutrients that our bodies need to thrive. If you’re anything like me, you know you probably should buy more organic produce and you want to support the farmers who are doing good things for our earth, but when you’re at the grocery store and the organic stuff cost 2X as much…ugh. (Especially when there’s a good chance you might just let it sit in your fridge for 3 weeks and never get around to cooking with it!) 

So it definitely costs more than the dollar menu at McDonald’s, but you truly get what you pay for. If you’re serious about elevating your life, flooding your body with nutrients, and living an energetic, fully focused, intentional lifestyle, the cost of this convenient superfood is pretty negligible.

Daily Harvest smoothie review

They’re shipped in 3 different sized boxes: 

small (9 items)

medium (14 items)

large (24 items)

The cost of each box depends on which items you put in that box. For instance, Daily Harvest Smoothies are $7.99 each, Oat Bowls are $5.99, and Harvester Bowls are $8.99. So if you fill your box with Harvester Bowls, it’s going to be more expensive than if you fill it with Oat Bowls and Lattes. {Check out all the prices here.} With my discount code, you could try 9 items for about $38 dollars. Which is soooo amazing, considering all of the nutrients that they pack into this food! 

I definitely recommend starting with a small box, using the $25 discount, and seeing if you like it! Get a variety of items (smoothies, harvester bowls, lattes, flatbreads, bites, soups), and then if you love it you’ll have a better idea of which Daily Harvest items to order next time.

Daily Harvest cost

Do You have a Daily Harvest promo code?

Yes! (A big thank you to DH for offering this to my readers!) The code SOMUCHLIFE will get you $25 off any size box you want! I recommend using it on the smallest size box to start, although you could use it on the medium or large size, too.

Daily Harvest review 2021

Is Daily Harvest a recurring shipment?

Yes, but you can cancel it pretty easily to make it a one-time thing.

They have it set up as either a weekly or a monthly shipment. Every week they’ll send a reminder, so you have the option to cancel or edit or postpone your shipment. Honestly, I don’t get it every week because it’s expensive and I like to mix things up. (Some weeks I rely on food delivery services, and sometimes I have slower weeks when I prefer to cook more often.) 

It’s really easy to cancel the recurring shipments, because they’ll always send the reminder notification. However, I like to have a little alert on my calendar, too, just so I’m on top of it.

Is Daily Harvest a recurring shipment?

Is Daily Harvest healthy?

Daily harvest is very healthy (and soooo delicious! For real.) Fruits and veggies are packed with flavor, it’s just that most of us, myself included, are too lazy to buy/wash/cut them, research delicious recipes, and cook phenomenal meals that are based on the power of produce. 

Daily Harvest does the heavy lifting and provides things like Kabocha and Sage Flatbread with a creamy squash sauce and a parmesan cheese-like crumble, or (my favorite bowl) Broccoli and Cheeze Harvest Bowl with soft sweet potato and nutritional yeast cheeze that tastes so comforting and crave-worthy. 

The smoothies are pretty delicious too, and I love that they’re packed with organic ingredients that I would never ever bother to buy at the grocery store, like acai, lychee, turmeric, kale, dragon fruit, dragon fruit, hazelnuts, hemp, black sesame, and much more.

Is Daily Harvest healthy?

The Best Daily Harvest Items:

I’ve tried lots of their items (and I’m determined to work my way through the entire menu – I think I will soon!). Here are my favorite Daily Harvest items:

Daily Harvest Smoothie Review
Daily Harvest smoothie review

The Daily Harvest smoothies are originally why I tried this organic meal delivery service. I wanted to have a wider variety of smoothies available in my freezer (without having to drive in the morning to a juice bar.) 

I love the variety and ease of these smoothies! I make sure to get at least 2 smoothies in each Daily Harvest box that I order. 

Daily Harvest Smoothie review
Daily Harvest smoothies
Daily Harvest smoothies

How to make a Daily Harvest Smoothie: 

 – Take the lid off and keep all of the frozen produce IN the cup, then fill up the extra space with a liquid of your choice.

 – Dump everything into a blender and blend until it’s smooth and creamy. (At this point I like to rinse out the cup so there’s no extra unblended crumbs in it.) 

 – Pour it back into the Daily Harvest cup, put the lid back on, and insert a straw. Slurp! 

Daily Harvest Smoothies
Daily Harvest Smoothies
Daily Harvest Best Smoothies

The best Daily Harvest Smoothies: 

For your first box, the yummiest Daily Harvest smoothies are the Cacao + Avocado (tastes like a creamy chocolate milkshake) and the Cold Brew + Cacao (for a little caffeine boost!) If you use a creamy liquid, like almond or cashew milk, these smoothies are extra thick and delicious. 

If you love getting greens in the morning, the Mango + Greens is tangy and sweet, and the Passion Fruit + Greens is another one of my favorites. Cucumber + Greens is great if you want a big healthy kick in the pants! It’s less sweet than the others, but packed full of superfoods. 

Daily Harvest Harvest Bowls Review

The DH Harvest Bowls are what I eat for lunches or dinners during busy weeks. They’re packed with flavor, but really easy to prepare. (PS: I know I mention postpartum meal ideas all the time, but these would seriously be perfect for a new mom who is recovering from childbirth! Would make a very thoughtful gift to ship to someone.)

Daily Harvest Harvest Bowls Review

How to prepare a Harvest Bowl: 

 – Pour everything into the a pan on the stove and heat for 4-5 minutes, or put the bowl and all its contents in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. (Honestly, I’ve tried both and they taste the same…so just make your life easier and use the microwave!)

The best DH Harvest Bowls: 

For your first box, you need to try the Broccoli + Cheeze! It is sooooo yummy with the nutritional yeast “cheeze” sauce and sweet potato and broccoli. I also love the Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash

One that I dislike: the Lentil + Tomato Bolognese was a bust. It was definitely lacking in flavor and just tasted super bland, like I was eating plain lentils. Won’t repeat that one. 

Daily Harvest best items
Daily Harvest Bowls
Daily Harvest Flatbreads Review

The Daily Harvest flatbreads are where it’s at. I looooove these, and I think it’s especially fun that they’re gluten free for anyone who has a gluten intolerance.

Daily Harvest flatbreads

How to prepare the Daily Harvest Flatbreads

Put them in the oven at 450 for about 25 minutes. I would say to err on the side of over-cooking it, not under-cooking. The first time I made one of these I only kept it in for 20 minutes because I was worried the edges were too crisp. But the crust ended up being too soft and soggy. The next time, I cooked it for a full 25 minutes (and it looked a bit like the edges might be burning!) but when I took it out, it was perfectly cooked and a bit crispy. So good. 

The best Daily Harvest Flatbreads: 

For your first box, the Kabocha + Sage and the Kale + Sweet Potato are absolutely scrumptious. I haven’t tried a flatbread that I don’t like!

Daily Harvest flatbread review
Daily Harvest best flatbreads
Daily Harvest Oat Bowls Review

It took me a while to try the oat bowls because my thought was: “I can make oatmeal at home for about 75 cents…why would I spend $5.99?”

And then I tried one and I saw the light. 😉 Granted, they’re still expensive so it’s not something I’ll eat every day, but I loooove the flavor combinations! I also love how they flash freeze the produce at peak freshness, so I’m getting the biggest nutritional bang for my buck. These are so much healthier than packaged oatmeal with dried fruit + sweeteners, and much easier than me having to buy and cut and cook fancy oatmeal toppings like kombucha or mulberry. 

How to prepare Daily Harvest Oat Bowls

Add half a cup of your favorite type of milk to the bowl, and then microwave for 2-3 minutes. (Like the Harvester Bowls, I don’t think it’s worth it to cook it on the stove. Just microwave it!) 

The best Daily Harvest Oat Bowls: 

If you’re reading this in the winter, Kabocha + Chai is seriously so yum. For a summer breakfast, try their Cherry + Dark Chocolate in your first Daily Harvest box.

Daily Harvest Forager Bowls
Daily Harvest honesty review

Friend to friend, here’s my honest opinion: skip the Forager Bowls. They’re smaller than the Harvest Bowls (more like a snack size) and I haven’t been impressed with the flavors. 

I mean, obviously some people love them (otherwise they wouldn’t be on the menu…), so if you’re curious to try one, the Leek + Fonio Grit has a nice fiery spice to it. But these aren’t products I would recommend to a friend. And Daily Harvest has so many other great ones, so don’t waste your money on the Forager Bowls.

Daily Harvest Soup Review

The soups are delicious! Again, back to the price tag…they’re more expensive than canned soup that you can get at the grocery store. (And I had to work to get past the price tag, too!) That’s because these soups are made with veggies that are picked at their peak, flash frozen to seal in the maximum nutrients, and then shipped to your freezer. They taste as if you had just chopped up a bunch of organic vegetables and made a fresh pot of soup…except these bowls are ready in 4-5 minutes. 

Daily Harvest soup is delicious
Daily Harvest Soup Review

How to prepare Daily Harvest Soup: 

Add a cup of water or broth to the Daily Harvest soup bowl (I definitely recommend broth for better flavor!) 

Pour everything in to pan on the stove and heat 4-5 minutes. (Unlike Harvest Bowls, I’ve found that the Soup tastes best on the stove rather than in the microwave.) 

Best Daily Harvest Soups:

The Carrot + Coconut Curry and the Tomato + Zucchini Minestrone (which both happen to be best sellers!) are my two picks for your first Daily Harvest box. Yum.

Daily Harvest Latte Review
Daily Harvest latte pod

If you’re someone who gets an afternoon lull (you know the post-lunch sleepies?) but you really want to have more energy, the Daily Harvest lattes could be fun for you to try. 

They’re a pretty good price, too, because you get two latte pods in each $5.99 package.

Daily Harvest Chaga + chocolate latte
Dialy Harvest chaga + chocolate latte

How to prepare Daily Harvest lattes: 

 – Hold the coffee pod (still sealed) under hot water for 10 seconds to soften

 – Pop it into a mug, add 1 cup of milk, and heat for 1-2 minutes

 – For an iced latte, pop it into a blender, at 1 cup of milk, blend, and pour over ice!

The Best Daily Harvest lattes:

I am obsessed with the Chaga + Chocolate! I love that Chaga mushroom helps me stay mentally sharp and energetic without the caffeine buzz…because sometimes afternoon coffee keeps me awake at night. 

Daily Harvest Chia Bowl Review

The Daily Harvest Chia Bowls are a lot like the smoothies in my mind: I initially thought, “oh, I can just make that at home for a lot cheaper.” And then I tried the Daily Harvest version, and I was blown away! For starters, each bowl is packed with a lot of ingredients that I will never actually source and use at home (like Blue Majik, organic chaga, and real vanilla beans.) So these bowls are full of more nutrients and flavor than I’ll make in a typical boring chia bowl recipe of chia + liquid + banana (or whatever I have on hand that week.)

Daily Harvest chia bowl

How to prepare a Daily Harvest Chia Bowl: 

This requires thinking ahead, because you need to add liquid the night before: just add ½ cup of a milk of your choice (I used the Daily Harvest almond milk), leave it to soak in the fridge overnight (or at least 6 hours), and then stir and eat. 

Best Daily Harvest Chia Bowls:

There are only three of them at the time that I’m writing this, and they’re all so tasty! The Blackberry + Majik is my favorite because it’s a little tangy from the cherries, and I love the fun blue color!

Daily Harvest Scoops Review
Daily Harvest Scoops review

GET THE DAILY HARVEST SCOOPS! Please, add at least one of these to your first box. They’re the yummiest, most decadent treats made with real, healthy ingredients.

Daily Harvest scoops review
Daily Harvest scoops review
Daily Harvest scoops review

How to prepare Daily Harvest Scoops:

Let it sit out for 10-20 minutes before you dive in. I knoooow it’s hard to wait, but because they’re made without any gums or preservatives, they really will taste best if you let them soften on the counter. 

The best Daily Harvest Scoops:

Mint + Dark, Melty Cacao Chips and Chocolate + Ooey Gooey Midnight Fudge both taste just like their names suggest. Pure decadence.

Daily Harvest Bites Review

The Daily Harvest bites are a hidden gem on the menu! I didn’t try them until my third or fourth box, but now I get them every time. They’re little energy-dense snacks that you can pop in your mouth straight from the freezer.

Daily Harvest Bites

How to prepare Daily Harvest Bites:

No prep necessary – just eat it straight out of the freezer. They’re soft and cold and perfect. 

Best Daily Harvest Bites: 

If you love eating chocolate chip cookie dough, you for sure need to try the Cacao Nib + Vanilla bite.

Pros and Cons of Daily Harvest

I’ve told you about all of my favorite products, but now it’s time for a pros and cons list of Daily Harvest.


Convenient: some of the most nutritional food you can find that’s available for you in your freezer whenever you need it. 

Free shipping

Energy! I feel great when I eat Daily Harvest because it’s packed with the nutrients my body needs

Fun to try the different items each month

Introduces me to fruits and vegetables I wouldn’t otherwise purchase and eat at home.


It’s not cheap

The packaging = lots to recycle 

Not incredibly calorie dense, so some of the meals don’t fill me up

Is Daily Harvest Vegan?

Yes! It’s all 100% plant-based, so it’s vegan.

Does Daily Harvest fill you up?

This is a hard question to answer because all of our bodies are different. I’ve really been diving into Daily Harvest during pregnancy while I’m eating 5-6  small meals each day. I’ve found that it’s perfect for that size. And that’s honestly how I like to eat most of the time, anyway. I’m more of a grazer and not a “3 meals a day” kind of person. 


However, if you’re curious if you’ll feel full from one of these meals, I think the answer is yes! I feel very satisfied after I finish a Daily Harvest meal. As for how long it will keep you full, that depends on your body size, metabolism rate, etc.

Daily Harvest review

I’ve read that lots of people will add a protein powder to their Daily Harvest smoothies or a fried egg to their Harvest Bowls to make them a bit more filling. So if you use the $25 off code and try a box of 9 items, and if you find that they’re not keeping you full for long enough, you could try adding some extra protein!

How long does Daily Harvest last in the freezer?

Their website claims that the food will stay good for up to 6 months…but I’ve never had it sit in my freezer for longer than 2 weeks. I’m always too excited to eat it!

How much is Daily Harvest shipping?

Daily Harvest shipping is always free!

Is Daily Harvest worth the cost?

It depends on what you value. If you’re simply looking for the very cheapest way to fill your body with nutrient-dense calories, you can find more cost effective ways. If you’re busy and you want the convenience of the healthiest food delivered to your doorstep, Daily Harvest is 100% worth the cost. 

I’ve found that it’s really nice for me to have for certain stages of life. For instance, right now I have a toddler and I’m 4 weeks away from my due date with baby #2. I’m busy and tired and sore and just trying to treat my body the best way I can, and there’s no way I’m going to make a homemade, nutritious, veggie-filled dinner every night. So Daily Harvest is a life saver. 

I also plan on using it for the first few postpartum months after this baby arrives. Childbirth puts a lot of trauma on a mama’s body, and she needs gentle, nutritious food as her hormones and digestive system all rebalance. And a few pre-made Daily Harvest freezer meals sounds perfect for those few few sleepless months, and I will gladly pay the money! 

Daily Harvest Review

Daily Harvest is also perfect for someone who wants to kick start her health back into gear. It would be perfect to fill your freezer with these meals right after you’ve been enjoying some splurge-worthy foods on a vacation, and you want to get back into healthy habits at home.

I hope this Daily Harvest review has been helpful for you! Any questions at all? Leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you! 

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Eric Rubio
3 years ago

Agree with your (very thorough!) review 100%. Naomi and I have been getting a box of Daily Harvest products once every month or so for a couple of years now. Glad they finally got some well-deserved SoMuchLife.com love!

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