Hello Italy!

I’m heading out on my bachelorette trip to….ITALY! Yay! I couldn’t be more excited for this!!

This trip is a little unconventional because my wedding is 15 days away. But this is just how it worked out, and I’m rolling with it! Escaping to a different continent the week before my wedding is just a bit bonkers, which is probably how I’ll describe this year when I look back at it…

Last fall, I found some CRAZY good deals on flights to Milan. I texted my three sisters and asked if they were up for a spring break trip to Italy, and after a resounding “YES!!” we booked the trip! We’re really close friends, and going on a European adventure seemed like the perfect thing to do before the wedding.

The only catch is that spring break is the week before my wedding… I originally planned my wedding for that date so it would be after the craziness of SXSW has ended in Austin, thinking I would use spring break to do any last minute wedding planning. But now, I’ll be in Europe eating pasta and drinking wine instead of wedding planning – holla! It sounds like a pretty sweet way to relax for the week leading up to my wedding, but I’ll definitely let you know what happens. Haha!

The wedding is basically planned, so I’m gonna peace out and go eat pizza for the next week. Be right back… 😉

PS I won’t be around on the blog next week, but be sure to follow me on Instagram @somuchlifeblog to follow along on our fun Italian adventures!

PS: any recommendations for Milan, Lake Como, or Florence? Let me know if you’ve been and what I should be sure to see!



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7 years ago

Love all of those places so much! That is a fantastic way to lead up to your wedding. 🙂 Have a blast! Do you already have a wine tour planned? If not, and if you have a day to spare, you should definitely try to do a wine tour in Florence! We did one (almost exactly one year ago from today!) with Tuscan Wine Tours by Grape Tours. It was an incredible day – we drove around Tuscany, stopped at two wineries, ate fresh Italian cheeses and bread with olive oil, stopped for lunch at a local place in Tuscany, and of course, drank plenty of delicious Italian wine! Also, if you are a museum person, give yourself plenty of time at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. It’s incredible! For Lake Como, Bellagio stole my heart, but we were there at the end of the off season, so not much was open. We mostly just wandered around and explored the various towns on the lake. They are gorgeous!

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