Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

I recently checked out Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors on 1111 Chicon Street. They’re a tiny coffee shop that rotates through Tweed, Four Barrel, Coava, and Kuma coffee roasters. Opened in 2014 by boyfriend/girlfriend couple Kathleen Carmichael and Ryan Hall, the little shop has been packed each time I’ve stopped by, and for good reason: the baristas are knowledgable, the coffee selection is outstanding, and the shop is cozy and perfect for hunkering down on a cold day to get some work done!

I tried a pour over made with Four Barrel, a roaster from San Francisco. I loved the Rwanda beans. After it cooled down a bit, it was big and bold and fruity. Exactly what I need for an afternoon pick-me-up!

After my San Francisco trip, I’m starting to notice all of these San Francisco roasters in Austin! I love that Austin is building itself a good reputation for being a coffee city. The coffee game has seriously stepped up in the last couple of years!

The espresso they were offering for this cappucino was from Coava, a well-respected Portland roaster. The last time I was at Figure 8 they were doing espresso-based drinks with Kuma, a roasting company in Seattle. They seem to rotate among these four roasters, so you can typically expect nice variations in your drinks from time-to-time.


The shop is absolutely adorable and definitely worth checking out! My only complaint is that the small tables inside are pushed very close together to make the most use of space, so it’s a little awkward if you’re trying to have a conversation or work on a laptop and there’s someone sitting 18 inches away… But they do have a nice outdoor area that’s a little more spacious; perfect for the warmer months!




On a somewhat different note, it’s cedar allergy season in Austin now, and it’s been hitting me hard! I had never experienced cedar allergies until I moved here in 2013, and they are THE. WORST. Haha! A pretty big population of Austinites experience the allergic reaction in January – February, and this article even predicted that they might be especially bad in 2017….and so far, that’s true for me. The symptoms are similar to my typical spring allergy symptoms: itchy eyes and stuffy nose, but Cedar Fever also results in a scratchy throat, mild headaches, minor aches….basically a mini version of the flu. Needless to say, I haven’t been sleeping very well lately!


Thanks for stopping by, friends! Happy Thursday!



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Amy Arnold
Amy Arnold
7 years ago

I am such a sucker for a good cup of coffee and a fun coffee shop. This looks great!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Shannon Jenkins
Shannon Jenkins
7 years ago

I am obsessed with cute coffee shops and this one looks adorable! Also can we talk about how amazing your bag is?!

<3 Shannon
Upbeat Soles

7 years ago

I am so excited to find your blog! As a fellow Austin blogger who loves coffee, local restaurants, reading, and working out, we have so much in common! My husband and I go to a new coffee shop practically every weekend to get projects done, and we have recently ventured into the world of GOOD coffee. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place, but I think I want to go check it out this weekend now! Thanks for sharing, and really looking forward to following along with your blog!

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