Everything You Need To Know About LIQUID, Austin’s Float Spa

Everything you need to know about Austin's float spa

Everything you need to know about Austin's float spa

I was honestly a bit scared to try my first float. The idea of being enclosed in a dark pod full of water for 60 minutes didn’t scream “FUN” to me at all. But since I was doing meditation every day for the month of January (and I’m a sucker for anything that might be turned into a blog post), I agreed when Liquid Float Center reached out to me and asked if I’d like to come in and try a float.

Here’s what you should know about Liquid Float Center:

  • Floating isn’t a new concept… Float spas have been around for decades, but they’ve just recently been becoming more popular and accepted by the general public.
  • What’s the purpose, you ask? Floating is a form of meditation and stress relief. When you float, you’re basically removing all of your senses and able to focus of breath, relaxation, and rest. You won’t see, hear, or feel anything for the entire duration of the float.
  • You won’t sink. The float pod is full of 1,000 pounds of epsom salt, so it’s impossible for the human body to sink. You’d have to work pretty hard just to push your arm or leg down through the 12-18 inches of water to the bottom of the pod.
  • Ya get to wear yer birthday suit! You won’t want any baggy clothes or swimsuit fabric distracting you. And if you’re worried about cleanliness, know that everything is completely sterile through a 24/7 state-of-the-art filtration system, so don’t worry about that. You’ll also be required to shower before/after the float.
  • You can bring your own music, use the spa’s music, or float in silence. I chose to float in silence to be able to experience my most relaxed state, but if that much silence freaks you out, you can plug in phone to play through the pod’s speakers.
  • It’s not scary! I’m including this because lots of people reached out on instagram when I shared that I was trying this saying that they’d feel way too claustrophobic to ever try that! I felt the same way, and I can now tell you that there was nothing at all that made me feel scared or trapped.

I was greeted in the serene lobby with a cup of hot peppermint tea before I was shown to my private spa room. The giant float pod filled most of the room, but there was a dressing area with a chair and a place to hang clothes, and a shower behind a glass wall in the corner.

I was instructed to rinse off in the shower before turning off the lights, stepping into the pod, and closing the pod door over me. I was a little scared of feeling trapped, but once I was in the warm water (it’s exactly body temperature, so you won’t feel hot or cold) my body completely relaxed.

I used wax earplugs to keep the salt water from getting into my ears, and a round foam pillow so my head could rest. I was instructed not to shave before arriving; all the salt would’ve made my legs burn. I was also told to cover any scratches in my skin with vaseline, and I wish I had done this a little more carefully…..1000 lbs of salt is a lot, and even a small burn on my arm from 2 weeks before could feel the salt for the first few minutes.

And then….I floated. For a full hour of no sight, sound, smell, taste, or feeling I rested completely alone in what felt like nothingness, and it was perfect. I didn’t have a timer, but I’d guess that it took at least 30 minutes for my mind to stop running. I was thinking about my to-do list, writing up blog ideas, thinking of my grocery list…you name it, my mind was there! But after about 30 minutes with no stimulation, my mind finally rested and I felt….nothing.

This might sound weird, but the best way I can think to describe the sensation of floating was a little like being dead. (I haven’t experienced being dead, obviously, but it’s how I would imagine it to feel to have no body and just a soul.) I literally could feel nothing. If I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything. My body was floating in a liquid substance that was my exact body temperature, so it felt like nothing. It was silent, expect for a very, very gentle humming somewhere in the building (probably a water pump.)

This was AMAZING because it’s exactly what I try to achieve each time I meditate! I want to be able to silence my mind and my feelings and just BE for a few moments. Floating did that for me. It was an incredible experience, and when the jet spas came on to signal the end of my 60 minutes, I felt completely rested and restored.

Everyone needs to experience floating, at least once. A float package would make such a meaningful gift to someone who’s experiencing a lot of stress (student, new mom, friend who started a new job). I’m in love with it!

This wasn’t a very technical blog post, so if you have specific questions, check out this guide and video on Liquid Float’s website.

Thank you, Liquid, for inviting me in to try a free float! 



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6 years ago

I must try this!

terra @ terragoes.com
6 years ago

Very, very cool – I’ve had a few friends who have tried this and really liked it. It’s good to know you didn’t feel claustrophobic because that’s always my fear too, that I’d feel trapped and get a little freaked out.

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