6 Fulfilling Things To Do With Your Time Off In Austin

Weekend is here….what are you up to? I’m sharing 6 of my favorite things to do in Austin that are both fulfilling and fun.

When I look at the ways successful people spend their free time, I want to be able to mirror that. The truth is, for me, when I spend my free time on the couch binging on Netflix, my brain starts to get really mushy and I quickly fall into the downward spiral apathy and sluggishness….which is not the way I want to feel after a weekend is over!

If I proactively spend my free time in Austin doing things that are fulfilling, I re-charge and have an overall higher quality of life when Monday morning rolls around and it’s time to get back to work.

Read on, enjoy, and let me know if you’d add anything to this list!

1. Visit the new Downtown Austin Public Library

It’s definitely not your average library! I’ve gotten lost for hours in this 40,000 square foot building, wandering up and down the floating stair cases, playing in the technology petting zoo, flipping through the massive collection of magazines, and reading on the rooftop patio that overlooks the lake.

Photo via the Austin Public Library

2. Visit a new coffee shop

There are so many to try, so don’t get stuck in a rut at the same old shop! Call up a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or enjoy an “introvert hour” (my favorite) with your favorite playlist, a journal, and an inspiring book. Maybe something you picked up while you were at the library? 😉


3. Run by the lake

Not all exercise is fun….I agree. But on a gorgeous, sunny day in Austin, there are few things as rewarding as working up a sweat and boosting endorphins with a jog around the lake. One of my favorite reasons for running by the lake is that the distance is customizable, depending on which bridge you choose to cross. Use this handy map to plan your route and find parking and restrooms.

4. Volunteer at JBG

Johnson’s Backyard Garden is one of the most beloved farms near Austin. They have a sweet volunteer program: help out for  half a day, and get a box of veggies to take home! Volunteers are either placed on the farm or at the packing shed where you wash, sort, and pack veggies.

5. Check out one of the many museums 

Photo via The Bullock Museum

There are LOTS of good ones! If you have kids around, The Thinkery is awesome. So many fun things for kids (of all ages!) to enjoy. Other good ones:

  • The Blanton Museum of Art has free admission on Thursday mornings. (Thank you, Moody Foundation!)
  • The LBJ Library is open every day from 9-5, and admission is just $10. However, there are 8 days every year when admission is free. See them all here.
  • The Bob Bullock State History Museum is a popular place for school field trips, but I think it’s interesting for adults, too. It’s near the Capitol, so you can plan to check them both off your list on the same day. The Bullock is also the home of the Imax, so be sure to see a flick while you’re there.

6. Go to a tasting event

Photo from my time at the 2017 Mac n Cheese Fest! 

Eating food is fun (duh…), but it can be a lot more fulfilling if you’re learning about it while you taste. Try a cheese class at Antonelli’s, a wine class at House Wine, or a Thai cooking class at Thai Fresh.

There are also gobs and gobs of food festivals in Austin. Dates change from year to year, but here are the links to some of my favorites:

Austin Oyster Festival (February)

Austin Lamb Jam (March)

Austin Food and Wine Festival (April)

Texas Wine Revolution (April)

Austin Ice Cream Festival (August)

Texas Craft Brewers Festival (September)

Texas Monthly BBQ Festival (November)

Wine and Swine (November)

Austin Food Magazine’s Mac n Cheese Fest (November)

Fun times ahead! Let me know what you love to do with your free time that leaves you feeling refreshed, re-energized, and inspired!

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terra @ terragoes.com
6 years ago

I really need to get myself back to Austin sometime soon. It’s been almost two years since my last visit and I loved it. So much good stuff to eat!