Don’t Want To Stand In Line At Franklin BBQ? Here Are 5 Other Great Options

Where to eat bbq in Austin with no line

Where to eat bbq in Austin with no line

Where can you eat barbecue in Austin with no line? Most folks will say that Franklin is the best bbq in Austin, but most folks will also tell you that the line can be ridiculously long, with waits of up to 7 hours! (Of course, there are ways around that. I talked about all of that in this blog post!)


If you want to eat the best barbecue in Austin, but you don’t want to stand in line for hours upon hours, here are five places to try:


1. La Barbecue

Where to eat bbq in Austin with no line


I’m listing this one first because it’s 2nd place to Franklin Barbecue in terms of popularity….but that means it’s also in 2nd place for wait time. It’s worth it though, if you ask me! This is some mighty fine smoked brisket, pork ribs, and house made jalapeño sausage. Note: just like Franklin, this is one of those places where you can pre-order if you don’t want to stand in line.

How long is the wait?

The line can get pretty long on the weekends, but if you’re strategic and show up on a weekday at 11 am or 2 pm, the wait time can be closer to 20 minutes.

WEBSITE | 2027 E Cesar Chavez

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2. Valentina’s Tex-Mex Barbecue

Where to eat bbq in Austin with no line

If you haven’t been here yet, ummm….first of all, fix that right away, and secondly, try to make it in for breakfast! Their Real Deal Holyfield breakfast taco is a feast of smoked brisket or pulled pork, refried beans, bacon, a fried egg, and homemade salsa, all wrapped up in a soft  homemade flour tortilla. It is life-altering.

Of course, a big bbq Tex Mex lunch is a great choice, too. You can order meat by the pound from the “Tex” menu, or get tacos, fajitas, or smoked carnitas from the “Mex” menu.

This is also, supposedly, the only place in town where Aaron Franklin will go to eat barbecue.

How long is the wait?

I’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes in line, although I know it can get longer than that on the weekends.

WEBSITE | 11500 Manchaca Rd

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3. Mickelthwaite Craft MeatsWhere to eat bbq in Austin with no line

This little east Austin food trailer was named one of “50 Best Barbecue Joints in Texas” by Texas Monthly. Order meat by the pound, or try the 3-meat plate, which comes with two sides.

And the sides here shouldn’t be optional! These are my very favorite bbq sides in town. Try the Jalapeño Cheese Grits, the sweet Lemon Poppy Slaw, or the classic Mac n Cheese.

How long is the wait?

I made the mistake of going at noon on a Saturday, and the wait was about an hour. On a weekday, wait time should be 5-15 minutes.

WEBSITE | 1309 Rosewood Ave

4. Leroy and Lewis

Where to eat bbq in Austin with no line

This south Austin food truck calls themselves “new school barbecue. Evan LeRoy, formerly of (the now shuttered) Freedmen’s Barbecue, decided that everyone is doing the exact same thing with smoked meats, so he was going to do something different.

The menu has fun things like Citra Hop Sausage, Smoked Beef Cheeks, or Barbacado (half avocado stuffed with barbacoa.) Go during dinner to get one of my favorite burgers in Austin: The L&L Burger, a smoked and seared half lb wagyu patty with American cheese, grilled onions, pickles, and special sauce.

How long is the wait?

Typically less than 10 minutes!

WEBSITE | 121 Pickle Rd

5. Stiles Switch

Where to eat bbq in Austin with no line


If I lived in far north Austin, I’d be here way more often! However, I’m a south Austinite so I rarely make it up to Stiles Switch. This is some mighty fine barbecue though, folks. Most of the heavy lifters in Austin’s barbecue scene have worked here at some point or another, and Stiles Switch serves some of the best brisket in Austin.

How long is the wait?

15 – 60 minutes. The line looks long but moves faster than you might think it will!

WEBSITE | 6610 N Lamar Blvd

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Where to eat bbq in Austin with no lines

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