CapTex Tri 2023 Training: Week 14 Recap

Hi friends! The race is less than two weeks away. I’m SO excited! 

In this past week I did a a few bike rides, a swim workout, and a REALLY hard brick workout. It didn’t help that it was a hot, humid day in Austin and I did the bike/run in the afternoon. 

But I know that those brick workouts are going to pay off! Something I’ve realized from doing a few of them is that it’s really easy for me to get off the bike and then start running way too fast… That’s because my cycling cadence is much faster than my running cadence (duh..), but it makes the run feel super slow. So I compensate by going out too fast. 

So that’s just a thing I’m learning: take it easy at the start of the run when I’m fresh off the bike. 

Cap Tex Tri training

^ Phew!! Absolutely dripping in sweat at the end of a 90 minute ride.

I actually feel fairly ready for this thing. I had a swim workout last week where we had to do a few fast 100 meter swims…and I felt good in the water! I mean, lungs were screaming and arms were burning FOR SURE…but compared to where I was in the water in early April, it was a huge improvement. 

The biggest thing for me right now is to make sure I balance the right amount of training + rest. I haven’t done an official “taper” (like, with a coach and everything) since my college swimming days. I’m kind of out of practice. 

Again, I’m NOT doing a perfect job at this training program! But I’m trying to do my best at balancing some workouts that keep my body strong and in shape while not pushing it too hard. 

(Side note: it’s so weird that, now at 2 weeks out, there’s not a lot I can do to get in better shape! It’s mostly mental prep, rest, eating right, resting, and getting all my gear in order.) 

That’s week 14’s recap! 

Pssst: here’s last week’s triathlon training recap, if you’d like to see.

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