Hiya, dolls!

Nate and I drove up to Dallas to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday….wow! Considering this blog is called “So Much Life,” I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention this man today… He’s the epitome, to me, of someone who has filled every day with life. I feel so lucky to be able to have friendship with him!

I’m 27, and when I think about aging, I always assume it’s something that will happen to others. Haha! I mean, I realize that I’ll eventually get old, but it’s hard for me to picture myself at 90. (PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one in this boat?)

I realize I’ll eventually reach the end of my life, but at this point, it’s a difficult thing to fathom.

I usually get caught up in typical 20-something issues (finding a career path, starting my dating/marriage journey, spending/savings/retirement funds, etc), and I way-too-rarely look to the end to think about what really matters in the long-run. 

In the end, relationships with family and friends are the most important thing.

That’s it. Period. The way Bob, my grandpa, had a small, tightly knit group of his closest family and friends ringing in his 90th birthday with him. We toasted our glasses of bubbly with teary eyes, often laughing-til-it-hurt at the ridiculousness that a real family means. (Y’all….my aunts are something else! So many funny songs/dances/comments on Saturday night!).

Mary Fran, my grandpa’s wife of 60+ years, passed away last August. I wish more than anything that she could have been there, too. She would also be 90 this year, and I know that she was watching our little family celebration this weekend and laughing right along with us.

Happy, happy 90th birthday, Bob!

Happy Monday, y’all! I’m dragging a little this morning (nothing an extra cup of coffee can’t fix…hehe!) Nate and I left for Dallas after discoing our A/C wasn’t functioning. UGH! At least it happened the weekend that a cold front came through Austin, right?

So I’m at home this morning while two kind gentlemen diagnose the problem and fix our A/C. I mean, it might be October, but here in Austin we still have a solid two months of needing it before it’s time to switch over to heat!

Have a great day!




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6 years ago

Aw, what a special celebration, Kelsey! What a fun event and great reminder. I don’t know very many people (IRL) that are older than about 60 so it’s definitely hard for me to imagine. I bet he’s got some good stories!

terra @ terragoes.com
6 years ago

So wonderful that you got to be part of that celebration! I feel like I’m still often surprised at how old I am. The guy I am sort of dating is 39 and sometimes I’m like, OMG, he’s 39, and then I’m like, wait, I’m 33, this is totally reasonable, and it’s just weird.

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