Another Year Of Life

Hi friends! Today’s my birthday (I’m turning 28), so today will be full of lots of good eats! I’m kicking off my morning with a barre code class and a smoothie from JuiceLand (they always send birthday coupons, so I’m cashing in on that), followed by a special birthday dinner tonight at Olamaie with my sweet husband.

Life is good.

I’m a big fan of new beginnings. I love birthdays, New Years Day, the first day of any month, Mondays…I love it all! I even get excited around the third week of August for the beginning of school, even though I haven’t been a student since 2015.

Today, you’ll be able to find me at a coffee shop with a journal, a sharpie pen, and a silent moment to reflect on the past year and dream for the one up ahead. Do you do have mantras for years of life? I’ve started to do this (can’t remember where I first heard of it, but I think it might have been from Anita) and I love the idea!

My mantra for last year:

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything

This one was huge for me, because I set some giant personal and business goals for myself. I made a goal of a page view count I wanted to reach with the blog, which involved quadrupling my (then) page view count. I also wanted to reach a monetary goal with blogging so that I could officially refer to it as a “side hustle” rather than just a hobby.

Both of those goals meant that I had to narrow my energy streams and concentrate my efforts on smaller fields. For blogging, I spent far less time worrying about things like travel posts, recipes, beauty/fashion, and home decor. I wrote the crap out of the Austin food scene, though, and I was able to quadruple my page views!

I think this mantra served me well when I would fall prey to the dreaded “comparison game” on instagram and wonder why my life didn’t seem as awesome as so-and-so’s. Then I’d tell myself, “Kelsey, you can do anything you want, but not everything.” (I know…it sounds so cheesy! But this really worked for me!) Whatever it was on that was making me jealous on instagram, I’d tell myself that I could have it if I wanted it and worked for it…but I’d have to let something else go. (And 99.9% of the time it wasn’t something I wanted badly enough to let anything else go!)

Anyhow…that was my mantra. I loved writing it, thinking it, feeling it, meditating it! Today I’m going to dream up a mantra for this next year of life. 🙂

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Thank you as always for stopping by!

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terra @
5 years ago

Happy belated birthday, lady! I hope this next year brings you good food, good health and good times!

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