11 Gorgeous Wine Bars in Austin

Aviary Wine Bar and Kitchen Austin

Best wine bars in Austin Texas: Lenoir

I love being a wine-drinker in Austin, because there are so many darling little wine bars to enjoy in this city! Whether you’re a fan of big and bold California reds, obscure natural wines, Texas grapes, or you have no preference and you just like to imbibe with friends in a casual space, you’re going to find a fantastic wine bar in this blog post.

I’m always discovering new favorite wine bars with my husband, and I figured I would share them all with you, too! Here are some of the most gorgeous wine bars to visit in Austin. These are all places that I personally love and visit frequently.  Enjoy!


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1. Aviary Wine and Kitchen

Aviary Wine Bar and Kitchen Austin

This is my top suggestion of best wine bars in Austin; I’m always sending friends to Aviary! If you’re bored with the regular old menus and want something extra fresh and funky, try Aviary on South Lamar. It has quickly become one of my favorite places to split a bottle of wine with Nate. They have a cool and quirky menu; this is my place to go when I’m in the mood to try something new!

The staff is highly knowledgeable and quick to suggest a few fun options based on my current preferences. It’s a small place, but there’s a bar, some tables for groups, and an outdoor front patio that’s open in the warm months and closed in with a heated tent in the winter. PS: their happy hour deals are insanely good. Check out their website for details. PSS: the food here is just as impressive as the wine list.

WEBSITE | 2110 South Lamar Blvd

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2. Winebelly

photo source

Tucked right in the middle of south Austin at S. 1st and Oltorf, Winebelly is one of my favorite Austin wine bars because of their exciting wine list, knowledgeable staff, and pretty patio! With twinkly lights and lots of tables for gathering with friends, Winebelly is the epitome of an Austin bar experience to me. Their wine list is extensive, especially if you’re willing to buy an entire bottle to share with friends instead of ordering wine by the glass. The food menu is tapas-style, so it’s a great place to order a bunch of plates for the table to share.

WEBSITE | 519 W Oltorf St

3. LoLo Natural Wine Bar

Austin's first natural wine bar

Austin’s first 100% natural wine bar is totally chill and unpretentious. Don’t know what natural wine is? No problem! You’ll still enjoy the pretty outdoor picnic tables and refreshing natty wines. Or, are you a natural wine snob? Well, the staff is gonna love geeking out with you about all things natural wine. (Psst: and just for your reference, natural wine is wine that is produced with minimal intervention, so it doesn’t have large amounts of sulfites. It often has a sort of “funky” taste.)

They have a decent selection of Texas grapes available, some snacks, a small space inside, and a large outdoor patio that’s dog-friendly and kid-friendly.

WEBSITE | 1504 E 6th St

4. June’s All Day

photo source

This cafe on SoCo is not just great for sipping wine or cocktails, but also brunch, lunch, and dinner! It’s a favorite place of mine to meet up with Nate for a casual Sunday dinner + glass of wine. June’s has a gorgeous interior with lots of natural light and pretty marble countertops, and a cute little outdoor patio on South Congress that’s perfect for people watching. The wine list is vast (request the sommelier to come to your table so you confidently select the perfect bottle of wine for you.)

WEBSITE | 1722 S Congress Ave, Austin TX 78704

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5. APT 115

11 gorgeous wine bars in Austin

This one is SO cool! It’s an teeny wine bar that’s made to feel like you’re inside someone’s apartment. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable about wine, and he selects small producer and minimal intervention wine. It’s a fun place to go solo with a book, or bring a friend or boo thang for an intimate date. Read my full review here.

WEBSITE | 2025 E 7th St

6. The Austin Winery

Austin winery

{Photo from The Austin Winery}. This is a super cool Austin wine bar that makes all of their wine on site. This was the first full production winery located inside Austin city limits! They use Texas grapes and make Austin wine. It’s located at The Yard in south Austin, which is one of my favorite places to take guests. There are so many fun places to visit on this little strip of local businesses! (The Yard is the perfect place for Austin bachelorette parties – you can walk from wine to whiskey to sake to seltzers to beer, all located within steps of each other!)

WEBSITE | 1404 E St Elmo Rd A1

7. Wanderlust Wine Co.

Wanderlust Wine Austin

{Photo from Wanderlust Wine Co.This is a fun and unique way to drink wine…on tap! This Austin wine bar is a must-visit if you’re into trying lots of different varietals. Since the wine is on tap, you can try small servings and create your own custom flight. You get to be the sommelier and try any of the dozens of wines they have on tap! Also, because the wine goes straight from the tank or barrel to glass, Wanderlust Wine Co. reduces their carbon footprint by 96%. Drinking wine and  benefiting our environment? Sign me up!

WEBSITETwo locations: 610 I35, and 702 Shady Ln

8. Lenoir

Lenoir patio in Austin

Lenoir wine garden in Austin Texas

I call this one of the best date night restaurants in Austin, and while I still stand by that, I recognize that it’s a bit pricey. If you want to enjoy the ambiance of Lenoir at a fraction of the cost, head into the large backyard wine garden and split a bottle of natural wine with your friends. There are big live oak trees, hanging lanterns, and relaxing music; this is truly one of the best wine gardens in Austin.

WEBSITE | 1807 S 1st Street

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9. Kalimotxo

11 gorgeous wine bars in Austin

Kalimotxos pintxos bar in Austin Texas Kalimotxos pintxos bar in Austin Texas

This downtown Basque-style Pintxos from the team behind one of my favorite date night restaurants Emmer & Rye is a gorgeous little bar that serves wine from the Basque region of Spain. They have Spanish porróns that are a super fun party trick: check out my video to see how it went down for me, and read my full review here. This is a gorgeous, tiny downtown wine bar that’s the perfect place to try before a downtown dinner reservation.

WEBSITE | 607 W 3rd

10. The Meteor

The Meteor wine bar in Austin

This all-day cafe on South Congress starts with coffee and pastries in the morning, and then transitions to Roman-style pizza and beer + wine in the evening. They have a bottle shop that allows you to peruse for your own bottle of wine to enjoy in the cafe or to-go. I will mention that the pizza is delicious, but it’s hard to fill up on it for a full meal. I recommend enjoying it as a snack to accompany your wine selection. PS they have a massive back patio that’s kind of tucked away from all of the noise of SOCO!

WEBSITE | 2110 S Congress

11. House Wine

8 best wine bars in Austin

This is definitely the younger, funkier wine bar of Austin. It’s a little house that’s been converted into a wine bar, and it’s unpretentious and comfy. There’s a front porch where you’ll often find live music in the evening, and a happy hour nearly every night of the week – perfect for broke students. I definitely appreciated this space much more in my early twenties than I do now; it’s geared for those who are looking for a fun, Austin-y vibe. If you have a bit more money to spend and you’d like a server who is highly knowledgable about wine, head to Aviary, Winebelly, or LoLo.

WEBSITE| 408 Josephine St

11 Gorgeous Wine Bars in Austin

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7 years ago

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of most of these! I have only been to Infinite Monkey Theorem and Winebelly. I love wine. Now I’ll have to go try those out. Have you ever been to House Wine? It’s a very casual wine bar in an old house (right off of Barton Springs and S Lamar).

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet at the Barre
7 years ago

Austin is seriously on my travel list!! I want to go so badly. This is even making it more exciting!!

5 years ago

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4 years ago

[…] is on my list of 8 Gorgeous Wine Bars in Austin. I love it because the servers are actually knowledgable about wine, which should probably go […]