5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin Texas

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5 reason why you need to visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin TexasThouroughBread Bakery is the newest bakery to pop up in Austin, but this one’s a little different. “I’d rather have one thing that I do one really well, than like, twenty things that are mediocre,” Ryan Goebel, the founder of ThoroughBread, told me when I stopped by the bakery earlier this week.

What’s the one thing he wants to do really well? Sourdough. Ryan geeked out about fermentation and all things related to the old method of preparing bread to create a sourdough loaf that will knock your socks off.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to stop by ThoroughBread bakery ASAP:

1. This Gorgeous Bread Is The Labor of 3 Years of Love

Ryan’s obsession with baking began three years ago when he, quite simply, saw flour in the grocery store and thought, “I wonder if I could make bread?” So he did. No angels singing, no fireworks, just a simple thought that snowballed into a full-fledged obsession to make the same quality of sourdough as he had tasted at some of the best bakeries in the country.

I thought I knew what good sourdough should taste like until I bit into a piece of ThoroughBread’s olive sourdough. The crust is heavy and a little bit charred in spots, dusted with organic flour; the soft interior has a rich, chewy texture and a flavor that seems to be alive. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the single best piece of bread from Austin Texas that I’ve ever put in my mouth.

**Tip: order your bread ahead at orders@thoroughbreadATX.com to guarantee your order. Bread always sells out. 

2. It’s A True Neighborhood Bakery

In the 30 minutes or so that I stood at the counter chatting with Ryan, dozens of customers came in-and-out of the small store to pick up their bread orders. Folks in the Zilker neighborhood walk over for a bread, cookies, breakfast “burridoughs” (a breakfast taco, sans tortilla, wrapped in a bready coating), and a friendly smile.

Ryan accidentally started his business when friends started offering to buy his bread. Before long, so many neighbors wanted to buy his sourdough that Ryan had to add a small charge to start delivering it. The bakery that now holds ThoroughBread used to be a real estate office. It took a year of sweat and tears before Ryan was officially able to open his bakery and start selling bread. He shows up at 5 am and doesn’t leave until 7 pm.

3. You Need One Of Those “Burridoughs”

5 reasons why you need to visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin Texas

5 reasons why you need to visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin Texas

They are so good! I tried the brisket-egg-cheese (weekends only) and the ham-egg-cheese, but there’s also an avocado-egg-cheese. Think of it like a kolache, but instead of being wrapped in a thick, dense bread, the savory filling is nestled inside a soft, fluffy, salty bread dough.

4. Quality Over Quantity: They Focus On Being The Best At Just One Thing

5 reasons why you need to visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin Texas

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit over the all-day concepts (coffee shop/cocktail bar/pub/restaurant/and-we-also-sell-crap-in-our-gift-store) that are popping up all over town, or the restaurants that don’t know who to cater to, so they create a menu as long as the Cheesecake Factory’s and offer everything from pizza to seafood to breakfast tacos to hand-pulled noodles.

(Rant over…)

ThoroughBread does one thing (sourdough bread), and they do it to the best of their ability. They obsess over being the best damn sourdough bakers in the whole city. The only other menu items that currently exist are cookies and burridoughs, which are available so that customers can grab an instantly satisfying snack. (Trust me, once you walk in and smell the fresh-baked-bread aroma, you’ll want to buy something that you can eat LIKE RIGHT NOW PLEASE.)

5. Um, hi. These banana-nutella cookies will light up your world

5 reason why you need to visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin Texas

There are four cookie varieties available at ThoroughBread:

chocolate chip
chocolate chip pecan
banana nutella

The chocolate chip were modeled after the famous doughy cookies at Levain Bakery in NYC. They’re just a little bit chewy on the outside, and a big, warm, melty mess of barely-baked cookie dough and rich chocolate chips on the inside.

The banana Nutella cookies are like a really sweet, dense version of banana bread with a great big dallop of Nutella hiding in the middle.

(I’ve yet to try the chocolate chip pecan or the PBJ, but you can bet that I’ll be back for those within the week…)

5 reason why you need to visit ThoroughBread Bakery in Austin Texas

Wondering where the colorful logo came from? It’s designed from 12 horse racing jockey silks, and you’ll find all 12 of them painted on the wall and etched into the wooden counter top!

ThoroughBread Bakery

WEBSITE | 1709 Bluebonnet Lane

5 reasons why you need to visit thoroughbred bakery in Austin TX

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