14 Best Margaritas In Austin

Avocado margaritas at Curra's Grill in Austin Texas

Margaritas are the unofficial drink of Austin, Texas. We’re all about Tex Mex and tacos here, and margaritas are the perfect drink for those salty meals. And with temps this hot for this many months, you want a cold, sweet, boozy drink to wash down that order of chips and queso. I’ve been ordering margaritas all around Austin to find this list of the best margaritas in Austin to share with you!

The best margaritas in Austin Texas

Now, margaritas are not complicated beverages. It doesn’t take an expert mixologist to make a good, standard, classic marg, but it does take good ingredients. (There’s no better way to guarantee a hangover tomorrow than by using a $10 handle of tequila.)

A standard margarita is made with:

2 parts tequila
1 part lime
1 part orange-flavored liquor

But we all know there are many more options. Frozen margaritas aren’t for the pretentious drinker, but they sure are fun on a hot summer night in Austin! Flavored margaritas range from simple, like strawberry or mango, to funky, like the avocado margaritas at Curra’s grill in Austin, Texas. Salt, spice, syrups, varying qualities of tequila….these are all dealer’s choice.

A good margarita is not hard to find. Go to any upscale restaurant in the city, sit at the bar, and the bartender should have the ingredients on hand to make the drink for you. But I’m assuming that if you’re reading this list, you’re looking for some fun, insta-worthy options in a variety of restaurants around the city. I got you covered! You want patios, rooftops, grungy Tex-Mex grills, fancy interior Mexican cuisine restaurants, and everything in between.

Here are the 14 best margaritas in Austin, Texas

1. Fresa’s Chicken Al Carbon |WEBSITE|

Margaritas at Fresa's

The outdoor creekside patio and picnic tables and hot sizzling chicken tacos give me all the Austin feels. I love bringing my guests here for a fun, casual night out!

What to order: Prickly pear margaritas. Aaaand probably some queso to go with it. It’s on my list of the best queso in Austin.

2. Valencia’s Tex Mex Garage |WEBSITE|

Jumbo margaritas at Cyclone Anaya's

This restaurant is at the Domain, so it’s convenient after a day of shopping. While the Domain is certainly more Dallas-y than Austin-y, I’ll drive there just to go get some Tex Mex and margaritas at Valencia’s.

What to order: The jumbo margarita. Y’all, this margarita is no joke. It’s massive and you’ll definitely want to order some fajitas or enchiladas to help soak up some of the booze.

3. Fonda San Miguel |WEBSITE|

Watermelon margarita at Fonda San Miguel

This classic Austin restaurant not only has some of the best interior Mexican cuisine in the country, they also have some of the best margaritas in Austin.

What to order: Silvercoin Margarita – Watermelon infused with Patron Silver, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice. This elevated margarita is fresh and fruity and one of my very favorites in Austin.

4. Polvo’s |WEBSITE|

Y’all know that I’m obsessed with Polvo’s for their homemade flour tortillas…but I also have to admit that the pitcher of margaritas here is my guilty pleasure. I love going here for a really late night dinner after a long day at ACL fest and sharing a cheap pitcher with my group of friends.

What to order: A pitcher for the table. This is not going to go down as one of the most sophisticated margarita experiences of your life, but sometimes you just need a pitcher and a couple salt-rimmed glasses on a Friday night.

5. Matt’s El Rancho |WEBSITE|

Mexican Martini at Matt's El Rancho

Oh, Matt’s… We’ve all gotten drunk off of your margaritas at least once in our adult lives. This is one of the most iconic Tex Mex restaurants in Austin, and I’m pretty sure they make about 90% of their revenue off of tequila sales…

What to order: Mexican Martini, which is essentially a glorified margarita. Order this and the Bob Armstrong dip as soon as you’re seated.

5. ATX Cocina |WEBSITE|

ATX Cocina is a downtown modern Mexican restaurant that has one of the most gorgeous interiors! I adore sitting at their bar and ordering a cocktail and a couple appetizers during happy hour.

What to order: A house margarita. Simple but made with great ingredients, and it’s $3 off during happy hour at the bar.

6. Curra’s Grill |WEBSITE|

Avocado margaritas at Curra's Grill in Austin Texas

Curra’s is a grungy, no-frills restaurant on Oltorf that’s been around for a couple decades. You can stop by for breakfast tacos, a quick lunch, or a full Tex Mex dinner; but whenever you go, be sure to try an Avocado margarita!

What to order: The Avocado margarita. Curra’s says that they created it, and whether or not this is true, the avocado margarita is an Austin classic that every local needs to try at least once. It has the consistency of a creamy fruit smoothie…plus tequila.

7. Suerte |WEBSITE|

Margaritas at Suerte

Suerte has my heart. It’s been recognized nationally as one of the best new restaurants in the country, and every time I visit I’m totally wowed. I shared a bunch of photos and info about it right when it opened – read that here.

What to order: Any of their mezcal cocktails. Sure, it’s not a traditional margarita, but Suerte has one of the best mezcal selections in the city, and their cocktail list is full of fun ideas!

8. Grizzelda’s |WEBSITE|


What to order: Grizz Mizz, made with el jimador blanco and fresh lime, it’s just $7 during happy hour and $5 on Tuesdays. Cheers!

9. Hopdoddy Burger Bar |WEBSITE|


What to order: Classic frozen marg. There’s something about a hot summer night on South Congress, a big juicy burger, and a couple frozen margaritas from Hopdoddy. It’s magic.

10. El Chile |WEBSITE|

What to order: Spicy Sandía (frozen margarita with watermelon and jalapeño and salt on the rim), which is available on the happy hour menu. It’s also worth noting that you can easily make a meal out of all of their happy hour bites at El Chile.

11. Las Perlas |WEBSITE|

Las Perlas margaritas in Austin Texas

What to order: Something pretentious. This downtown mezcaleria has 400+ agave spirits, making it the place to go for margarita snobs. PS: one of the best tacos in Austin is in the courtyard behind Las Perlas.

12. La Condesa |WEBSITE|

Classic margaritas at La Condesa

What to order: Margarita La Classica. I actually prefer this to many of the more expensive margaritas on their menu – it’s strong and, well, classic!

13. El Alma |WEBSITE|

Happy Hour margaritas at El Alma

What to order: Frozen classic marg + queso. This is one of my favorite things to get on a hot summer evening after spending the afternoon at Barton Springs.

14. Gabriela’s Downtown |WEBSITE|

mangonada at Gabriela's Downtown Austin

What to order: Frozen Mangonada: it’s a frozen mango margarita and that chamoy tamarind-candy straw really sets it apart. I literally have dreams about this thing! Pair it with some of their delicious tacos and ceviche and you’re set for a great happy hour on the patio!

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4 years ago

My fav is the Janie margarita at Matt’s El Rancho! ????

4 years ago

I like the tamarind marg, called Don Dario, at Suerte!