Where To Eat The Best Donuts In Austin

Round Rock Donuts

Glazed, frosted, cake, yeast, Texas-sized, mini donuts, vegan, personalized donuts that spell out your name… If you want it, Austin has got it. Here’s a round up of where to find the best donuts in Austin, Texas. From epic orange donuts at Round Rock Donuts to gourmet donuts at the new Salty Donut on SOCO to personalized letter donuts, this blog post is going to include some amazing donut shops in ATX. You ready for your sugar coma?

Round Rock Donuts

(Psst: if you’re not interested in donuts and want some other breakfast options, click here for my epic guide to the best cinnamon rolls in Austin, or click here to see the 18 best breakfast tacos in Austin.)

Where To Eat The Best Donuts In Austin

matcha and donut outside The Salty Donut South Congress

1. Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts is located about 30 minutes north of Austin, but it’s worth the drive for these delicious donuts. These are truly the best glazed donuts I’ve ever tried. (BTW: Round Rock Donuts is the place that offers those HUUUUGE Texas-sized donuts that are the equivalent of a dozen regular ones…OOF.) Whether you get the giant donut or just a bunch of those small donuts with orange-colored glaze (it doesn’t actually taste like orange flavor…that’s just the color), you’re in for a treat!

Round Rock Donuts

106 W Liberty Ave, Round Rock TX

(512) 255-3629

2. Bougie’s Donuts and Coffee 

Best Donuts in Austin

Bougie’s Donuts and Coffee is the a boutique donut shop in south Austin. Their scrumptious cake donuts are dense and soft and offered in  lovely flavors like lemon lavender and gluten-free iced strawberry. These gourmet donuts are made fresh every day with high-quality ingredients.

Whether you get something basic (the classic yeast homer with chocolate frosting and the maple bacon cake donuts are two of my personal favorites) or something a little more creative from their rotating menu, be sure to pair it with a pour-over. Bougie’s has an excellent coffee program.

Insider tip: the shop has free wifi and this adorable donut place in Austin is great for a slow, easy start to your morning. Although there’s a line of people coming in and out for donuts, the tables are usually empty. This is one of the few Austin coffee shops that’s not crowded! 

Bougie’s Donuts

5400 Brodie Ln, #930, Austin TX


3. Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts

Gourdough's Donuts in Austin

Gourdough’s are those famous, MASSIVE dessert donuts that are sold from an airstream on South First Street. These epic donuts will definitely put you into a sugar coma, but they taste great (and look amazing on instagram) and are sooo indulgent. TBH, you’ll probably need a juice cleanse after eating a whole one by yourself. By go ahead and do it at least once – every Austinite has!

Gourdough’s Donuts

1503 S First St, Austin TX

(512) 912-9070

4. The Salty Donut

horchata donut at The Salty Donut in Austin
display of donuts at The Salty Donut Austin

The Salty Donut on South Congress is a new personal favorite of mine! It’s a company that started in Miami and opened this Austin location in 2021. They brand themselves as artisanal donuts, meaning they cost about $5 (plus tax/tip) and come in creative flavors like Prickly Pear Margarita and Brown Butter Salt + Cake. 

A couple things to note:

 – Salty Donut also has a good coffee program with housemade syrups.

 – One of their signature drinks is iced coffee + lemonade…weird, right? I tried it, and it tastes like sweet lemonade with coffee undertones. It was unique and refreshing, but out of personal preference I’ll probably get a regular cold brew next time. 

 – This is another Austin donut shop that has lots of seating and free wifi, plus free parking. It’s a great spot to meet up with a friend or bring your laptop for a solo work session. 

The Salty Donut

2000 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

(512) 494-4148

5. Master Donut

Best Donuts in Austin

Master Donuts in Austin is that shop that offers customized orders that spell out words. Super fun idea for birthday parties and such! Nate and I got them to spell out “PARTY OF FOUR” for our second pregnancy announcement. Beyond the letter spelling, these are pretty standard donuts. 

Master Donuts

6100 E Riverside Dr #103, Austin, TX 78741

(512) 215-2696

6. Lola’s Donuts

coconut donut at Lola's in East Austin
menu at Lola's donuts in Austin

From the team behind Sugar Mama’s bakery, this weekend-only walk-up donut window is a new favorite donut shop in Austin! They make brioche donuts with 24-hour rising dough, and authentic French crullers that are soft and a little bit wet.

Since hours are so limited, the donuts often sell out. If you want to get your hands on a particular flavor, I recommend pre-ordering. If you don’t do that, they do accept walk-ups…just note that your favorite flavor might be gone.

Lola’s Donuts

2406 Manor Rd Suite B, Austin, TX 78722

(512) 666-7214

7. Voodoo Doughnut Austin

Voodoo Doughnuts in Austin
Voodoo Donut in Austin

The Portland donut chain opened an Austin location on dirty 6th street, which is, quite honestly, the perfectly place for these over-the-top donuts that are stuffed and dunked and topped with the craziest of flavors. Because after a night of drinking and partying, what better way to end it than with fried dough? 

Are Voodoo Doughnuts that good? Well, those pink boxes are pretty iconic and they have a loyal fan base. The bacon maple bar is a staple, but their fun flavors like Old Dirty Bastard (covered in Oreo crumbs and peanut butter drizzle) and the Oh Captain My Captain (topped with vanilla frosting and Cap’n Crunch cereal) are what make Voodoo so memorable. 

Voodoo Doughnut

212 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

(512) 215-8586

8. Uncle Nicky’s

French Cruller at Uncle Nicky's

While this isn’t exactly a donut shop, Uncle Nicky’s is a small restaurant that offers one of my favorite donuts in Austin. Venture into this little Italian eatery in Hyde Park for the tastiest French Cruller donut. Biting into this thing is like biting into a cloud…so fluffy! 

You can pair that donut with an Italian coffee drink and enjoy it on their small patio.

Click here to read all about my visit to Uncle Nicky’s when it first opened in early 2019! Since then they’ve opened a second location in east Austin.

Uncle Nicky’s

4222 Duval St, Austin, TX 78751

(512) 318-2877

9. Donut Taco Palace

Three donuts in Austin Texas

This little whole-in-the-wall shop has been serving Austin since 2005 and has a very, very loyal following of customers. (I first learned about this place when I was teaching a 5th grade class at a nearby school, and the students were alarmed I had never heard of “DTP” and quickly brought in a box of donuts to share the next day..)

Expect all of the classic donut shop treats here: yeast and cake donuts, a few fun toppings like Cap’n Crunch, breakfast tacos, kolache, danish, cinnamon rolls, and croissants.

If you want to get a few dozen donuts to share with the office or school (meaning you don’t want to spend $5 per donut…) DTP is a really solid bet for quality donuts that are cheap and fast. 

Donut Taco Palace

1807 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX 78748

(512) 280-8789 

10. S-H Donuts

The Best Donuts in Austin

photo via UK BBQ Review

Folks in East Austin swear by this place. S-H Donuts is up there with DTP (number 9 on my list) for good, classic, cheap donuts! Get donuts in every variety (cake/yeast/filled) as well as croissants, kolache, fritters, and breakfast tacos. 

S-H Donuts

5313 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723

512) 926-6094

11. Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts

Not your typical donuts because these are mostly popular at night for the bar-hopping crowd on Rainey Street, but they sure are delicious! Hot, fresh, mini donuts will totally hit the spot as a late night snack. Take your pick of a sugar topping, like cinnamon/sugar, chocolate/espresso, or lemongrass/blueberry, and then pick a dipping sauce, like caramel, white chocolate, or Nutella. Yummy.

Note: you can also get these any morning of the week at the Domain Mall location. 

Little Lucy’s

75 1/2 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

(424) 235-8297


Sometimes you just need a basic, classic, walk-in-the-door-and-order-2-dozen-donuts type of shop. Combo donuts is just that. No frills, just inexpensive donuts in all of the expected categories. This is where I go when I need to get a big order of donuts for a crowd without breaking the bank.


Combo Donuts

1509 S Lamar Blvd #200, Austin, TX 78704

(512) 326-7646

best donuts in Austin texas

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