Weekend Dinner at VOX Table

My mama came in town last weekend to help me with my wedding planning. My parents live in Dallas, about 4 hours from Austin, and she drove down on Saturday morning to help me through my last minute to-do list. I can’t even explain how special this time was! I’m one of 8 children, so one-on-one time with parents is rare. And since Nate was in Portland on his bachelor trip, it was just me and my mom together all weekend! Being able to sit and talk with her without any interruptions was an experience that I definitely savored.

She said she’d like to treat me to dinner at a restaurant of my choosing, and I immediately knew which one I would pick: VOX Table. This New American restaurant at Lamar Union opened in 2015, so I’ve been eyeing it for a while now, mostly due to the gorgeous photos that keep popping up on instagram.

Something I didn’t realize about VOX is that they are aaalll about whiskey! The entire back page of their drink menu is dedicated to it. They also focus on small plates for sharing and they try to highlight farm-to-table ingredients on their menu. My mom and and I took the option of sitting at the chef’s counter so we could view the kitchen at work (an option I almost always take!), and every single dish that was placed in front of us was beautiful!


A woman came in and sat in the chair next to us, and she sounded like she had been there a few times. We asked her, and she said, “oh yeah, I live in the apartments upstairs, so I eat dinner here way too often!” I would too if I lived within walking distance!


Happy Wednesday, friends!


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Molly | Awfully Big Adventure Blog
7 years ago

Awww love that mama time! My parents are from Dallas, too. Wish the two cities were closer!

Izzy Bruning
7 years ago

All this food looks wonderful – I hope you had a lovely time. x
Izzy |http://www.pinchofdelight.com

7 years ago

Ok definitely booking our next trip to Austin to eat all this food! Everything looks so good, love your photos!!!
After reading where this restaurant was I got a little excited because we went to the cinemas pretty much next door when we were there – I think that makes me practically a local right? 🙂 Lovely that you got to enjoy time with your mum and can’t believe you are one of 8!!!

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