Tex Mex in South Austin: Habanero Cafe

Habanero Tex Mex in Austin
Habanero Tex Mex in Austin

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I’ve been on the hunt for the best Tex Mex food in Austin! (Similarly to my best burgers or best tacos post, I’ll do a big blog post at the end to highlight all of the winners.) 

Today, though, I’m mentioning one that I’ve been loving for years and years. Habañero Cafe is a small, unassuming Mexican cafe in South Austin that’s only open for breakfast and lunch. My husband and I have always loved meeting up for lunch dates in the small restaurant for big plates of carne asada tacos, Mexican rice, refried beans, and fresh salsa. 

Habanero Tex Mex in Austin
Habanero Tex Mex in Austin
Habanero Tex Mex in Austin

About Habañero Cafe

Family-owned and operated in Austin since 1998. It’s getting increasingly hard to find these rare unicorns in a growing city like Austin! Lots of restaurants these days are larger chain restaurants, so I always make a point to support the little family-owned Mexican restaurants that have been around for decades.

Breakfast and lunch only. Stop by for breakfast tacos in the early morning or for a big lunch order in the afternoon, but don’t plan on Habanero for dinner – they close early. 

Try the breakfast tacos. I list Habanero as one of the best breakfast tacos in Austin – love those tacos first thing in the morning! 

The tortillas at Habañero come from Fiesta Tortillas. This family-owned tortilla factory in Austin has been making some of the best tortillas in the city since 1984. 

To-go orders only during Coronavirus. Place your order online and pick it up at the front door. 

It’s a teeny place. And I love that! The entire restaurant only seats a handful of tables. As long as they’re doing to-go orders only, this doesn’t matter, but in “normal life” you can expect a wait at lunchtime to get a table. 

Habanero Tex Mex in Austin
Habanero Tex Mex in Austin
Family-owned restaurants n Austin: Habanero
The best Tex Mex restaurants in Austin: Habañero Cafe
Habanero Tex Mex in Austin

A few of my favorites: 

The Shrimp Ranchero taco on corn: a bit spicy, a bit tangy, and packed with flavor. I could eat this taco every dang day of my life. 

Carne Asada taco: but this one is a close second.. It’s a popular item at Habañero. 

Habañero Burrito: stuffed with ground beef and refried beans and deep-fried to a golden and crisp perfection, this chimichanga is the freshest, tastiest one I’ve found in Austin so far. Warning: you might go into a food coma after you eat it. 

All the chips and salsa: the thin, warm, salty tortilla chips are best while they’re still hot, and I love the fresh salsas that Habañero provides with the meal. 

Breakfast tacos. All of ’em. 

Habanero Tex Mex in Austin

PS: Looking for more Tex Mex in Austin? Check out this epic guide to the best tacos in Austin, or the best breakfast tacos in Austin. 

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