Southern Bunny Shaved Ice Isn’t Your Typical Shaved Ice Truck

Those cravings hit every. dang. afternoon. Temps hit the triple digits around 3 pm in Austin at this time of the year, and I get the urge for something cold and sweet. Southern Bunny Shaved Ice is that cute, pink food truck in south Austin. They’re parked next to the popular El Primo taco truck at the corner of S. 1st and Live Oak; maybe you’ve noticed their take on the “I Love You So Much” sign?

I’ve been to plenty of good shaved ice trucks in Austin, but I’ve never been to one that offers “mangonadas.” I was intrigued by them and kept seeing these pretty snacks on their instagram account, so I stopped by to try one for myself.

If you’re in the dark about mangonadas (I was…), here’s what they are: fresh mango sorbet (housemate by the owners), savory chammoy, lime, tajin, and tamarindo. I got mine with more mango/less chammoy, but you can mix it up to get the perfect balance of sweet/savory for you.

I also snagged one of those pretty popsicle that they make. Anyone else feel about 4-years-old when you eat a popsicle? It takes me back to growing up in Texas, hot summers spent by the pool; the only good reason to get out was eat a cold snack, and then jump back in. Oh, bliss.

I can’t recommend this place enough for a unique treat on a hot summer day! I love the creativity behind their menu selections. The shaved ice is tasty (come on…what’s not to love about shaved ice?), but for something different, try one of those mangonadas!

The Southern Bunny Shaved Ice truck is located at the corner of S. 1st and Live Oak in Austin, TX. They’re open every night until 8:30, except Mondays (closed). 





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