Self Care Checklist

These days are WILD, right now, and I’m so thankful to be able to check in here with y’all every morning! Seriously…just chatting with y’all on this blog and on instagram has been so much fun over the past few weeks. I’ve found that this pandemic can be all-consuming if I don’t take a moment and calm myself down every day and work through my self care checklist. I’ve always enjoyed taking time to myself for self-care, but right now I need to take time for myself. 

So I thought it would be fun to share my self care checklist and show you the ways I’m taking care of my own mental, physical, and emotional health right now. I’m fortunate to have a lot of people who depend on me, and caring for myself is the first (and most important, I would argue) step in being able to care for my family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self Care Checklist

This blog post is sponsored by HEB and their #TexansHelpingTexans initiative, which is aimed to help spread positivity and helpfulness during this scary time. I’ve personally been blessed by HEB’s quick response to the pandemic. They’ve been SO great about getting food to Texans quickly and safely, and I’m so happy to partner with them!


Self Care Checklist

1. Have you taken care of your brain today? A frazzled brain isn’t going to serve anyone, so it’s worth 5-10 minutes to calm down. Try journaling, meditating (Gabby Bernstein has some good ones on her instagram page, practicing yoga, or repeating a mantra to yourself. You don’t need to overthink this or do anything fancy; just spend a few minutes doing something that feels calming to you.

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2. What are some foods you can eat today that will make you feel happy and energized? I did an HEB curbside pickup yesterday and made sure to include some red peppers and hummus, red grapes, 80% dark chocolate, and sparkling water for my afternoon slump. Those are all things that make me feel really really happy, and they add to my energy instead of taking it away. 

3. Is there anything you can take off your to-do list? Self care means making life easier, not harder. Is there anything that you could nudge off the list? Think about the 5 things hanging over you right now…if you didn’t do one of them, would everything still be ok? For me, I have this never-ending list of things that I want to get done around my house in regards to tidying things ups, doing dishes/laundry, cooking, etc. The other day, Nate and I looked at each other and both of us said, “nuh-uh” to cooking dinner that night. We spent 3 minutes ordering food online, we saved an hour of cooking/clean-up time, and we got to support a local restaurant in the process. 

4. What would feel good to your body right now? This isn’t the time to pressure yourself into a strict workout routine, unless that feels really fun to you. Sit still, listen to your intuition, and ask yourself what would feel good right now. Maybe it’s more sleep, a run through the neighborhood, a bubble bath, a walk with the kiddos, an online yoga or barre class, or just a few push-ups. Anything that feels good to you is the right answer, and don’t let someone else’s workout goals pressure you into doing something that’s not right for your body. 

5. How have you shown love to someone else lately? After you fill yourself up, spread some love and kindness to someone else. If you give from a place of fullness, that generosity is only going to make you feel fuller and happier. Can you text a friend to let her know you’re thinking of her? Send a bottle of wine to a neighbor? Post a positive meme on instagram? Share something uplifting, and use the hasthag #texanshelpingtexans so we can all find it and feel the positivity.

I hope this helps you find some calm and positivity in your day today, friends. These are seriously the craziest days, and self care is more important than ever before. And after you care for yourself, take a moment to care for your neighbor. The more we can rally around one another and help each other out, the better off we’ll all be. I’m super thankful for amazing businesses in Texas like HEB that are keeping us fueled and healthy and feeling uplifted. Sending lots of love to YOU today! 

Self Care Checklist

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