“My Name Is Joe Coffee Co.” is the Breakfast Trailer I Should’ve Tried Months Ago

I simply ruled this place out for the longest time….and I’m sorry that I did! My Name Is Joe is now one of my favorite breakfast trailers in Austin.

First of all, there are thousands of food options in Austin, and even though I’m a food blogger and I spend my days purposely running around town and tasting as much as possible, I have trouble checking everything off my list.

More regrettably, I somehow ruled this place out as a legitimate breakfast/lunch option because of the word COFFEE in its title. I mean, the coffee is good; I’m not discounting that. They use one of my favorite coffee roasters, 49th Parallel from Vancouver. I’ve had a great cortado from this little airstream, and their drip coffee is my go-to in the city when I need some quick caffeine and don’t have time for a pour over.

But almost every coffee shop in the world offers breakfast and lunch bites to accompany the hot beverages, and most of the time, they’re not worth mentioning. Friend, I’m here to tell you: that is not the case here. Try the food. TRY THE FOOD! 

Even though My Name Is Joe has been parked downtown Austin at Colorado/5th St. since February 2017, I had yet to taste their food until yesterday.

Chef Philip Speer of Bonhomie is the chef, (which should’ve given me a hint that the food would be awesome, right?) and he cuts no corners in preparing both eye-catching and body-nourishing food items to start your day.

I stopped by with my friend, Kiera. I love that girl! Her husband isn’t quite as adventurous of an eater as she is, so she’s always up for coming along with me on my food adventures to taste any and everything on a menu. And I’m always ready to pick her brain about any photography questions that I have! She’s a full-time professional wedding photographer, so she really knows her stuff.

I’m not much of a savory oats fan, but even so, I fell hard for the Texas Rancher-Oats (pictured above). It’s a bowl of thick and hearty steel-cut oats having a party with the yummiest friends like black beans, queso fresco, a poached egg, and heaps of avocado. It’s Speer’s take on huevos rancheros.

And since one can never have too much avocado, I also tasted the Avocado Tartine (which is basically an open-faced sandwich, pictured above). The first two ingredients are listed as “avocado, more avocado…..” so I knew this sandwich and I would get along just fine. 


The Almond Butter Toast is quite a bit fancier than the name suggests. The bread, which is sourced from  Texas French Bread, is smothered in yummies like miso butterscotch and apple jam. Kiera and I were sharing this meal, and we licked this plate clean.  I’ve never made a round-up of my very favorite bites from around the city, but if I were to do that, there’s a 100% chance this toast would make the list!

Most people don’t know this, so it’s worth mentioning that the parking lot next to the airstream is free for My Name Is Joe customers for the first 30 minutes. This is a HUGE deal if you’ve ever experienced trying to park in downtown Austin for just a few minutes.. There are no spots available! Haha.

Chef Philip Speer donates 1.2% of all sales to the Comfort Cafe in Smithville, a donation-only cafe that supports the Serenity Star Recovery treatment center. My Name Is Joe employs people in addiction recovery, allowing to come back and work in the food industry in a safe and conscious way.

And I love that!

My Name is Joe Coffee Co.
503 Colorado St.
Mon. – Fri., 7am-3pm







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6 years ago

Savory oats!? I haven’t tried that before! I LOVED the granola when I went but looks like I need to go back and try more!

terra @ terragoes.com
6 years ago

Basically, if you put delicious things on a delicious piece of bread, I’m for it. 110%.

5 years ago


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