My New (Old) Favorite Date Night Restaurant in Austin

Happy Friday!! I’m especially giddy right now because 1) SXSW starts in Austin this week, and I’ll be enjoying that for a few days, and then 2) Nate and I leave for our anniversary trip next week during spring break, so I don’t have to wear myself out with too much SXSW, ha! There are just so many good vibes flowing through this day. On top of that, Austin has been showing off in the weather department, and there’s nothing like sunshine and 70-degree days to get me in a good mood.

Last week I went to Fonda San Miguel with Rachel and tried their dinner service for the first time. Holy Moly! I included them on my list of 23 classic Austin restaurants, but I hadn’t actually visited them yet when I wrote that blog post. Fonda is timeless, and it’s absolutely 100% on my list to visit again soon for a date night with Nate.

I’m not sure why it took me this many years to finally go to Fonda San Miguel. It’s one of those places that’s so ridiculously good that I feel a little embarrassed to admit that this was my first time there, but it was. Maybe it’s because it’s been around since 1975 (not new and trendy), so people aren’t talking about it all that much on social media, and it just hasn’t been on my radar…

But it’s established and busy and not going anywhere soon. Fonda San Miguel is the epitome of classic Austin.

Fonda San Miguel is like, mmmm…..Beyonce! Doesn’t need an introduction or explanation. 

Quick facts:

  • It’s still recognized as one of the best interior Mexican restaurants in the country.
  • It’s one of Austin’s original fine dining restaurants (this one and Jeffrey’s have been around since the 70s).
  • This is interior Mexican cuisine, not Tex-Mex.
  • Head chef Miguel Ravago passed away in 2017 at the age of 72. He’s terribly missed in Austin and around the world.

Tip for dining at Fonda: show up as hungry as possible! The flavors are so dynamic that once I was full, I wished my hunger would return so I could keep eating. I’m typically pretty good at stopping eating when I experience fullness, but at this particular dinner date I snuck in a few bites of food even after I was stuffed. Then, I boxed up the rest and re-heated it for lunch the next day.

One of the best meals I’ve eaten in years! 

Fonda San Miguel,

2330 W. North Loop





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[…] My New (Old) Favorite Date Night Restaurant in Austin […]

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