Monday Chat: 5 Pregnancy Books For New Moms

5 best pregnancy books for new moms to read

5 best pregnancy books for new moms to read

Ever since I saw those two pink lines in February, I’ve been reading my way through as many pregnancy books as I can! This stage of life is so short (only 11 weeks left…omg), and pregnancy will be over before I know it. I want to be as informed about #allthingspregnancy so I can A) create a healthy environment for my growing baby, B) prepare for labor and delivery, and C) enjoy this stage of life as much as possible! 

Here are 5 pregnancy books that I’ve particularly enjoyed. I’m not including every pregnancy book I’ve read, because I’ve realized that a lot of them are either fluff (which is fine and enjoyable, but not exactly all that helpful for me in the long run) or just purely informational (which I could just as easily google instead of having a pregnancy book collecting dust on my coffee table.

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5 Pregnancy Books For New Moms

1. Expecting Better by Emily Oster

Emily Oster is an award-winning economist who noticed that pregnant women are treated a little bit like preschoolers: they’re told the rules, but they’re not told why the rules exist. She set out to research all of the conventional pregnancy rules (avoid alcohol and sushi, limit or avoid caffeine, etc.) in order to help inform pregnant women to make their own decisions. 

Here’s why I love this book: Emily Oster doesn’t actually give any advice or say what’s “right” or “wrong.” She merely explains, in great details, the facts that scientific research proves. This allows every mom-to-be to make the decision that is right for her. 

Honestly, this book has helped me relax and enjoy my pregnancy! I think that every woman should try to read it in her first trimester.

2. Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Our culture has a tendency to show the horrific, gory, anxiety-inducing parts of childbirth (just think of every child birth scene you’ve ever seen on tv) and ignoring the fact that female bodies are designed for this and have been doing it since the beginning of humankind. 

Ina May’s uses her 3 decades of midwifery experience to explain the natural birthing process and share information about labor, interventions, delivery, and creating the ideal birthing environment. 

Honestly, I avoided this book for a few months because I thought all the midwife/natural childbirth stuff was too “hippy” for me and wouldn’t apply to the hospital birth I had envisioned, but I’m so glad I got a copy and read through it! It really does a great job of giving you everything you need to envision the best possible birth experience for you, wherever that birth is going to happen.

3. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding from La Leche League International

Full disclosure: I won’t know how helpful this book is until the baby actually arrives (haha..), but I’ve had so many moms recommend it to me, so I knew it was something I wanted to read! 

It’s full of a lot of strategies, real-mom wisdom, and information to make the transition to breastfeeding as smooth as possible.

4. The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy by Dawn Dais

Get this book for your BFF as soon as she tells you she’s pregnant! It was a welcome comedic relief that I read in my first trimester when I was dealing with all the not-so-fun symptoms. 

Dawn Dais covers all the ridiculous changes that are about to happen to your human body as it’s growing another human in a chatty, girlfriend-to-girlfriend style of writing. 

While this isn’t necessarily the most informative book on the market (after all, once I was pregnancy, I was experience first-hand all of that “sh!it that no one tells you about”), but it was a fun book to have on audiobook while I was going on morning walks.

5. Expecting 411

If you’re going to get just one encyclopedia-type book, try Expecting 411. It’s packed with wisdom from moms and solid medical advice from trusted OB/GYNs and pediatricians. 

It’s a quick, easy place to find answers to your “is this normal??” questions, as well as month-by-month guidelines of what to expect. 

Honestly, everything in this book is something you could also find on your pregnancy app, but sometimes it’s nice to have everything in a physical book. And if you’re putting together a care package for an expectant mom, this book should go in it!

Ok friends, I know I’m just barely scratching the surface when it comes to great pregnancy books. If you have one to share, please leave a comment below so everyone can hear from you! 

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