Milo’s 10 Month Update

Milo 10 month update

Milo 10 month update

I haven’t written one of these since his 3 month update, and I know that I’ll blink and Milo’s 1st birthday will be here! *sob* And then he’ll be a toddler and then he leaves for college. Boom. So I wanted to sneak in another little update on my baby boy while he’s still my 10 month old baby. 

10 months old is so fun! I feel like he is definitely turning into a toddler and he’s so interactive. Gone are the days of him sitting like a little blob in his baby bouncer or stroller…he’s constantly looking, grabbing, moving, and talking now. It’s amazing to watch his mind at work. He knows both Nate and me really well, and if anyone else is babysitting Milo, he FREAKS out when I walk into the room and he wants to be like, on my body right away. I was about to type that he is “such a mama’s boy” but I’d say that he’s equally close to his daddy! That’s one of the silver linings to Nate’s broken leg situation – he and Milo have been able to spend so much time together. 

Milo 10 month update

Milo 10 month update

He’s on a very consistent schedule, and he’s been on this exact same schedule since 6-months-old. I’m not even the tiniest bit surprised that I’m raising a boy who thrives on a good schedule, because I’m the exact same way. It’s mostly nice to be able to plan out my day and know exactly when he’ll wake, eat, play, and sleep. But some times it’s a bit difficult, like when Nate has a medical appointment during Milo’s nap and I have to put him to sleep later than usual, and then he loses his marbles. (And I lose mine.) 

Milo 10 month update

His typical 10 month old schedule goes something like this: 

6:30 am: wake up, nurse, read a book and snuggle, and then head downstairs to see daddy and play. (His face lights up when he sees his dad downstairs in the kitchen – cutest thing!)

7:30 am: breakfast in the high chair. This kid loves BACON. (And sausage, meatballs, salmon, beans…basically all the protein.) But I try to sneak in some colorful food via a packet of Plum Organics baby food, too. Honestly, I’m pretty sure he’d try to survive on bacon alone if I let him.

8:00 am: morning walk/play time. He’s so happy in his little stroller and sings and babbles while we’re walking around the neighborhood. I looove long walks, because it’s when I can call family on the phone or listen to podcasts. 

10:00 am: nurse and then nap #1

11:30 am: lunch. Nate tried using some leftover rice from one of my Tex Mex restaurant visits to make fried rice for Milo, and he loves it! 

12:00 pm: two hours of play time. Nate often has a medical appointment during this time, so Milo will come along and we’ll pop into the medical office and watch Nate practicing standing with his therapist, or I’ll just bring the stroller and walk around outside with him. 

2:30 pm: nurse and then nap #2

4:00 pm: play! He’s pretty good at playing by himself for about 30 minutes at a time, so usually around this time I’m trying to do “life” stuff (meal prep, laundry, tidy house, cook, etc.) while keeping an eye on Milo. 

5:30 pm: dinner time. I went through a phase where I tried really hard to have us all eat at the same time, but Milo is so busy now that I decided it’s just easier to feed Milo early, and then enjoy a quieter dinner with Nate after Milo goes to bed. This will change some day. I really love family dinner time, but at this phase of life it’s not a priority. 

6:00 pm: a short neighborhood walk, a few minutes of play time, and bath time. 

7:30 pm: nurse/bed. 

Right after he turned 10 months old, Milo had two big milestones: he cut his first teeth (the top two came in first, quickly followed by the bottom two) and he started crawling with his tummy off the ground. He still does the commando crawl all the time, but he’ll occasional get up on all fours. 

Now that he’s pulling up on things (sofa, windowsill, stairs, bookshelf…everything!) we have officially moved all of our stuff off the bottom shelves. Those are his now. He’s in constant motion and wants to grab everything. 

Milo 10 month update

The last two paragraphs would have been very boring for me to read at this time last year. So much changes! Now I’m fascinated by baby schedules and observing their development. It never gets boring! Every day he wakes up and I have no idea what new skills he’ll show off. 

He says “uh-oh” all the time (with the “uh” really really high pitched, and the “oh” really low.) He says “da-da-da” and it breaks my heart that he won’t say “ma-ma-ma” (babies whyyy do you do this to your mamas??)

10 months old is fun and busy and slobbery and snuggly. I have a feeling things are going to get much, much busier in just a few months, though. I’m very ready for Nate to start walking so he can help me chase him all over the place! 

Milo 10 month update