Memorial Weekend Recap

101 ways to ruin your diet in Austin

I’m feeling so thankful for that long weekend! It really was the perfect combination of relaxation, food, friends, and family. Here’s how I enjoyed my time in Austin:


I went to Valentina’s Tex Mex for one of my all-time favorite breakfast tacos in the city. It just seemed like a good way to start the weekend!! Have you had the Real Deal Holyfield? It’s $7.50, so this baby costs about three times as much as an average breakfast taco. And it is worth it!

Homemade flour tortilla, refried beans, potatoes, two fried eggs, brisket, bacon, and tomato-serrano salsa.

It’s a feast.

And yes, I went there early on Friday, completely alone, and sat by myself at a picnic table to eat this thing. No special occasion except that I was really craving it!

After some work, I went north to Peached Tortilla for a Friday lunch with my husband. I love this place! We shared the taco trio, an arugula salad, and the kimchi fries. They only do lunch on Friday and Saturday from 11-2 now. It was pretty crowded!

More work on Friday afternoon, and then I had plans to chill on my couch on Friday night when Jenny and Enrique (the couple who runs Vino Pour Favor) messaged me to say they had won two tickets to Aaron Franklin’s Hot Luck Festival but couldn’t go, and would I like to take the tickets?


I was out the door in about 10 minutes and met my husband at Fair Market for a couple hours of food and music! A big thank you to Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery who hosted the ticket giveaway!

My favorite bite of the night was the truffled brisket ragoon from Sarah McIntosh at Epicerie. I haven’t been back to that restaurant in a while; I should probably fix that!

I also absolutely loved this pink, rosy burger from Knife Dallas.

Andy Ricker from Pok Pok in Portland prepared a Thai pork and Chinese broccoli dish. Another reminder to myself: plan a trip to Portland soon!


On Saturday morning, I met another Austin food blogger, Mark, at Native Hostel and Bar to check out their new brunch menu. We ordered a little bit of everything and had tastes of it all. That’s my favorite way to enjoy a meal! If you don’t love sharing food, I’m probably not your ultimate meal partner. Ha!

Saturday afternoon was spent cuddled up on the couch with this cute little kitten. I started a new book and read all the way through, stopping occasionally for food breaks. Nate got home and made me a cocktail, and I sipped that on the sofa and kept on reading.

My perfect day.

On Saturday night, my little sister in Dallas randomly texted and said she wanted to hang out for the weekend, so she drove 3 hours down to Austin to hang out with me! YAY! I love my life in Austin, but sometimes I wish I could have at least one of my sisters live in the city with me. At least the two cities are pretty close together, right?

We went to Polvos and had queso and margs and chatted into the night.


Sunday was the best! Ky and I hung out at the pool with London Homesick Ale and cheddar Pringles. (I know, I know….gross, right? I wouldn’t want Pringles in any other situation, but there’s something about the smell of sunscreen and the hot summer sun that makes me want some salty potato powder. I can’t explain it.)

And then my two other sisters came in town and we spent all day on Sunday hanging out at our home and eating food. Nate is the sweetest and prepared food for us, and we made cocktails and sipped on those and talked about any and everything.

Food + family: literally my two very favorite things in this life.


Polvos again! Can you tell I’m a wee bit obsessed? My sisters and I got breakfast tacos and coffee and enjoyed one last moment together before everyone headed back out of town.

I heard traffic on I35 getting back up to Dallas was bonkers…

For the rest of my Memorial Day, I worked. I try to keep up the consistent lessons for my students, which means I usually don’t take off small, single holidays. I am ridiculously thankful that in this moment of my life, every single thing I do to “work” (aka income) feels like play. I enjoy it all!

Wishing you a fun and productive 4-day work week!








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