Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Lakeway, Texas

Seeing as there are quite of few of you lovely readers who live in West Austin and I have sorely neglected that area, I am SO excited to share this fantastic guide to kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas! This is from contributing writer Leslie Palmer, a writer, Lakeway resident, and mom. I hope you find this as helpful as I did.  Xx, Kelsey

(PS: remember when I took a babymoon vacation to Lakeway? Feel like a different lifetime!)

Situated just over 20 miles outside of Austin in the western corner of Travis County is the beautiful and scenic town of Lakeway, Texas. Once a sleepy retirement community, this lake-side suburb is now booming with young families and kiddos.

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas

My husband and I moved from South Austin, living the exciting city apartment life, to our first home here about five years ago. While at first it was quite the transition from city to suburban life, we’ve grown to love the slower pace, natural beauty, and family friendly nature of the area. 

Lakeway is about 35-40 minutes (just over 22 miles) from Austin on a good traffic day, giving us the best of both worlds when we’re craving some hustle and bustle.

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas

Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Lakeway, Texas

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If you ever find yourself out west or if you’re looking for a quick day-trip from the Austin area, I’ve compiled my favorite kid-friendly activities and food options in Lakeway and hope you’ll check them out with your family!


To start your day on a (sugar) high note, grab donuts at The Donut Hole |WEBSITEfor a quick breakfast to take to your next destination (we love grabbing some treats to take to one of the local parks in the area!) or enjoy your goodies at one of the outdoor tables.

Bonus, there’s a Juiceland |WEBSITE| in the same strip mall if a sugar rush isn’t your preferred breakfast and you’re looking for a familiar Austin healthy favorite.

And R19 Taqueria |WEBSITE| is also next door, a new fast-casual taco concept by Christopher Haydostian (former collaborator of the now closed Reunion 19 taqueria in East Austin). R19 has to-go breakfast tacos that are both made-to-order and grab-and-go if you’re in a hurry. Keep this place in mind for a quick lunch or dinner option, too! The kids cheese quesadilla is seriously next-level according to my 3.5 year old. 

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas

If you’re in the mood for a sit-down diner breakfast, check out local favorite Cafe Lago |WEBSITEin the Lakeway Village Square complex. With indoor and outdoor seating, it’s the perfect place for your morning coffee and a large, filling homestyle breakfast.

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas


Grabbing donuts and heading to Lakeway City Park on a beautiful sunny weekend morning is one of our favorite ways to spend the day. Lakeway City Park is truly worth the drive if you live in the city and you can easily make an entire morning out of it. 

Lakeway City Park

Start off on the upper playground that you’ll see as soon as you turn into the park. It’s perfect for ages 2 and up and there’s a spacious covered pavilion overlooking the lake that’s perfect for a donut or breakfast taco picnic. The playground itself is a simple set up of two play structures with slides, climbing opportunities, a baby friendly swing set, and a swing set for the older kiddos.

Lakeway City Park
Lakeway City Park

Next, scooter or walk on the paved mile and a quarter trail for beautiful views of the lake and immersive Hill Country nature. You can pick up the trail adjacent to the covered pavilion or drive down to the larger parking lot closest to the lake access.

My daughter loves to scooter down the trail to access the second playground this park offers, which is for 5 year olds and up,  but at 3.5 years old, she enjoys it, too!

It features a rope climbing pyramid, swing set, zip-line feature, and much more! 

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas
kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas

From the second playground, you have two options: head down the gravel path to the lake access or continue on the paved trail.

The lake access geography changes often as the water levels ebb and flow, but generally you can count on a safe place to throw stones, check out the ducks and fish, and simply soak up the beautiful lake views.

There’s a marina right across the way where you can watch boats come and go! 

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas
kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas

If you decide to stay on the paved trail, you’ll zoom past two sand volleyball pits. We love to stop here when there’s no one playing a game and dig in the sand. Definitely bring some trucks and digging supplies if you have a sandbox lover!

The paved trail loops back around to the parking lot, and I promise your kiddo will be begging for nap time at the end of your time at this lovely park. 

Dragon Park in Lakeway Texas

Another fun playground in Lakeway is Dragon Park |WEBSITE|. It’s a pocket neighborhood park that features two playscapes, a swing set, basketball and volleyball courts, picnic tables, restrooms and an expansive athletic field that is perfect for running your toddler out of energy!

There’s a gravel trail circling the park that’s perfect for a quick stroll with your stroller or taking your furry friend for a walk while the kiddos play.

Pro-tip: there’s a “secret” pathway in the woods behind the park area where my daughter likes to pretend we’re hiking in the forest and exploring. 

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas
Dragon Park in Lakeway Texas

Rounding out Lakeway parks, Porpoise Park is a small but mighty neighborhood park.

Located on a roundabout on Porpoise street, it features a large playscape (best suited for kiddos 5 and up) and wide open field area for all of your favorite outdoor activities or picnic needs. There is also a granite trail around the roundabout for biking, scootering, or walking.

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas
Dragon Park in Lakeway Texas

In the mood for some wide open space and Hill Country beauty? The Hamilton Greenbelt trail is a family-friendly hiking trail with two main access points with ample parking.

We usually go to the entrance off of Lohmans Crossing at Cross Creek, and there’s another access point off of Palos Verdes Drive. The entrance at Lohmans Crossing features a garden area with a fountain that we love to bop around and check for fish friends before hitting the trail.

The entire trail is 2.7 miles long, and is best suited for biking and walking. There are a couple of waterfall spots along the trail that are perfect for a scenic hiking pit stop/snack stop.

I’ve usually brought a jogging stroller for when my little one gets tired and wants to relax and soak up the scenic views. 

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas
kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas


If you’re looking to take things indoors, the Lake Travis Community Library is a small but sweet local library here in Lakeway that’s perfect for a rainy morning.

Get a free membership and enjoy checking out up to 50 (!) children’s board books at a time.

There’s an outdoor patio area perfect for running the wiggles out, reading and, of course, snacking that overlooks a pond.

If you happen to be in the area on Friday mornings, they offer an outdoor story time for all ages. Check their |WEBSITE| for details. 

Lake Travis Library
Lake Travis Libraryt

For another great kid-friendly activity in Lakeway, check out High5 |WEBSITEfor some indoor entertainment. With everything from bowling to laser tag, there’s something to keep every age occupied and happy! They also have a full-service bar and dining to keep parents happy and watered.


Post park or Greenbelt time, definitely swing by Love & Cookies |WEBSITE| for an afternoon sweet treat pick-me-up.

Located in Lakeway Village Square right down the block from Cafe Lago, Love & Cookies offers gourmet cookies (gluten-free options are available, too!), cookie cakes, and refrigerated cookie dough you can take home and bake yourself.

It’s a fun and insta-worthy place to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Love and Cookies Lakeway Texas
Love and Cookies Lakeway Texas

The Oaks at Lakeway is a shopping, dining and retail hub that is the town center for Lakeway. There’s plenty of parking, pedestrian trails, and open grass areas for little ones to run free in.

We love grabbing tacos from trusty Torchy’s for a quick bite for lunch or dinner.

For a classic burger and fries, head over to Hat Creek for another easy and quick option with a playscape to keep the kids busy while you wait for your food. There are also a couple of boutique shops to pop into if you’re lucky enough to have a stroller napping or very patient kiddo. 

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas

Photo via Oaks at Lakeway 

Waypoint, a Lake Travis Food Truck Park, rounds out the best kid-friendly things to do in the Lakeway area.|WEBSITE| Although it’s not *technically* in Lakeway city limits, it’s a Lake Travis area family-friendly food truck park in the Hudson Bend that is worth the extra couple minutes drive from Lakeway.

It’s also the perfect stop on your way back into Austin if you came out for a day-trip.

It features permanent food trucks  as well as rotating food trucks, beer from Infamous Brewing Company (it shares space with the brewery), yard games, a playground, and an off-leash dog run.

There’s something for everybody here and it’s the perfect way to cap off a day in the Lakeway area. 

Leslie Palmer, Contributing Writer

Leslie Palmer is a ten-year Austin area resident who loves baking, her Peloton, exploring the city with her little one, and reading. She lives in Lakeway with her husband Bobby, 3.5-year-old daughter Caroline, beagle mix Miller, and baby #2 on the way in February!

kid-friendly things to do in Lakeway, Texas
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Yes, please keep the west Austin content coming! I’m a long time reader and have always wondered why this side of austin doesn’t get very much attention.
I would love to see more ideas of good restaurants in Westlake, too!

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Chey Hennessy
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Thank you so much for visiting The Waypoint Food Truck Park! Your next beer is on us!

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