Jacoby’s Just Casual: Burger Trailer in South Austin

I’m a sucker for a good food truck. Who isn’t? I love climbing out of my car and walking up to the window, standing on tip-toes to talk to the chef. The air is fragrant with food smells, and, if I’m visiting a truck that grills or barbecues their food, full of delicious smoke. The waiting game makes the food taste even more delicious, especially when I see guests around me devouring their meals. And then finally, finally  I hear, “order for Kelsey!” and I jump up to the window to seize my (ever instagram-able) eats, ahhh. That moment!

Yesterday was a painfully early morning for me. I taught two lessons and conducted two orchestra concerts all before 10 am. Due to no one’s fault but my own, I had no breakfast (and I’m definitely a breakfast person). By 11:30 am my tummy was rumbling and I needed some protein…fast. I recalled all the times I’ve driven past the Jacoby Just Casual burger trailer at the South First Food Court and thought to myself, “today’s the day I try it!” 


Jacoby’s Just Casual opened down the road from me in south Austin in January. It’s the burger trailer associated with the brick and mortar ranch-to-table restaurant, Jacoby, which is in east Austin. All the Jacoby beef comes from central Texas from the Jacoby family farm. The cattle are raised and treated right, and I appreciate that. (Read all about it here on their website.)

The food truck offers a variety of burgers and fries. The menu is kept pretty simple because it’s just a food truck and they can’t offer everything on the normal menu (duh). There’s still an array of choices, and I had trouble picking one! I finally settled on the Pimento Burger, with house pimento cheese, arugula, tomato, pickle, and onion and an order of Loaded Fries.


This was a quick grab-and-go lunch by myself, but do yourself a favor and eat lunch here with a group of people so you can share food and try more burgers! There were 4 more on the menu I really wanted to taste..

Speaking of wanting to taste more food…. When you go out with your significant other or friends, do you taste each other’s food, or do you have a strict “you-eat-yours-and-I-eat-mine” policy? Nate and I pretty much always go halvsies on our dishes because we both want to taste as much as possible. But when I’m with friends, I have to remember that not everyone wants to do that. Haha! So I have to keep my fork from reaching to a friends dish to try just a little taste!

Jacoby’s Just Casual

603 West Liveoak St.  Austin, Texas 78704


Happy Easter weekend, friends! I don’t have work today, so I’ve got a list of stuff around Austin that I’m hoping to check out. Follow along on my instastory for updates throughout the day, woohoo!




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7 years ago

This looks so good! A bunch of food trucks are always at Klyde Warren park now in Dallas! It reminds me so much of Austin!

– Claudia

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