It’s Half Marathon Time!

I’ve been training for a half marathon for the past few months, and now it’s time to race!

I’m doing the OKC Memorial Half Marathon with my dad, and my sisters, Courtney and Cara. (My younger sister Kylee also trained for the race, but she got a stress fracture a few weeks ago and can’t run…poor thing. It’s really unfair because she was probably the most prepared out of all of us!) We picked this race because my oldest sister has been working in OKC this past year, and lots of us still haven’t been up to visit her yet. She’s moving soon, so this is our last chance to see her home and town while she’s there.

I feel really excited! I trained to 10 miles two weeks ago, and I’ve been tapering down since then. I’ve been running around 4X/week, plus some barre and yoga classes thrown in there, too.

Most of my training was either in my neighborhood (for the short runs) or at Lady Bird Lake (for the long runs.) Isn’t this place the prettiest?!

I feel so grateful to have this lovely 10 mile dirt running path just down the road from our house! Running by a body of water is much better (to me) than running by a bunch of houses. And I always love people watching when I’m running at the lake, too.

My goal for this race is a  PR.

 It will be my 4th half marathon (I’ve done Chicago half marathon twice, and I did the Bellingham Bay half marathon once.) My PR is 1:57.23, so that’s the time to beat!

More than anything, I’m mostly excited to spend time with my sisters. This year has been a little tough, geographically. I don’t talk about my family a lot on this food blog, but my 3 sisters are my everything. We’re all 2 years apart from one another, and our friendship is something super special. They’re the closest friends I’ve ever had and probably will ever have! But we haven’t gotten to spend much time together with all 4 of us, so this weekend is going to be very memorable.

And yes…I’m actually missing the Austin Food and Wine Festival (best food festival in ATX!) to go do this race. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.

Send me some good vibes!!


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