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Good morning! Today I’m sharing a couple snapshots of our home with you. I can’t believe Christmas is just 5 days away now…right? My gifts are all purchased (and on their way; thank you Amazon Prime for helping us last-minute shoppers! I don’t think I stepped foot in a single store this year for my holiday shopping), and my in-laws will be arriving in a couple days to spend a week with us. I’m looking forward to a week full of cooking, eating, movies, and family time.

Welcome in!

I decided to get a live wreath this year, and I’m glad I did because it sparks joy every time I open the front door. I got it at Central Market one day while I was picking up groceries. They have a beautiful selections of live wreaths!

Tray + garland + lights + tray all purchased at World Market. Oh, and a bowl full of red and green M&M’s for snacking!

I try to always have a candle burning during the holiday season, so I’ve used this one up pretty quickly.  It’s the Smoked Birch candle from Bath & Body Works and it’s musky, rich, and cozy. I’ve got this or Vanilla Bean Noel burning pretty much non-stop when I’m at home!

All of my favorites in one picture: pajamas, Ugg slippers, a big mug of hot cocoa (marshmallows + candy canes make it even better!), and candles. Just a few of my favorite things…

We’re officially that cheesy couple that addresses our presents to-or-from our pets! *Covers eyes with hands.* To Kels, From Stormy. It’s just so corny, and I love it all! #officallyacatperson

I was struggling to figure out what to do with our Christmas cards this year, then it just hit me…hang then up on this branch! (We have a big decorative branch on the wall next to our stair case.) It looks like a family tree…haha. I love seeing the smiling faces of our friends and family every time I walk past the stairs.

I custom ordered this ornament on Etsy last year when Nate and I were engaged, and now it’s one of my favorites! I love pretty ornaments that spark sentimentality. This would be such a fun, memorable gift to give to an engaged couple.

This is another one of my favorites – I got it for Nate during the first year we were dating. It’s from Mockingbird Made (previously known as Mockingbird Domestics), a darling little local Austin furniture studio and workshop. They used to be on South Lamar and sold lots of locally made home ware. The store closed last year, and it re-opened down in Buda, Texas as a furniture store. Welcome back, Mockingbird!

And this ornament was purchased last year when we spent Thanksgiving in Ohio. Goooo Bucks!

Ha! Let me tell you about this little guy… Nate went to a white elephant party over the weekend, and he came back with a copper squirrel nutcracker. Now, typically I’ll take whatever we win at a  white elephant party and re-gift it for another white elephant party (because, let’s face it, white elephant gifts are just hysterical…but not so practical!). But this squirrel? I actually just love it. Haha! So it’s sitting out in our living room now, and it probably will be for many Christmases to come. 😉

I’m looking forward to many dinners at this table next week with our in-laws! I’m lucky and thankful to have the most wonderful mom- and dad-in-law who love to visit and spend time with us, and us with them. I totally realize that this isn’t a common thing, so I’m especially thankful to have these two amazing people in my life.

My family has been making peanut butter balls at Christmas for all 27 years of my life, so I’m continuing the tradition. They taste like Christmas to me! When I was growing up, my mom would also make peanut brittle, peppermint bark, and spiced pecans to wrap in little gift baggies and give out to our teachers, friends, and family. Now that I’ve made one batch of peanut butter balls and dipped all 76 of them, I can’t really imagine making four more batches, wrapping it all, and writing notes. Go mom! Ha.

Merry Wednesday to you!  Thanks for stopping by today, friends!




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terra @ terragoes.com
6 years ago

I love the way you displayed your holiday cards! I typically just stand mine up on the mantel but I have a lot of non-folded cards that don’t stand up very well. I might have to create some sort of hanging situation for next year!

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