Get A Mani At Home With Cherry App

Mani at home with Cherry

I’ve always loved the Cherry App, but ever since the March/April shut down in Texas I’ve loved it even more! Cherry is an app that sends nail techs into your home to get a mani/pedi without ever having to leave your house. I was a big fan of it right when Milo was born, because I was able to get a manicure during his naps (I wasn’t about to haul a newborn baby into a nail salon), and now I love it even more! If you want to try it, the code SOMUCHLIFEBLOG will get you $10 off your first appointment.

Cherry was designed to support women who want to be able to provide for themselves and their families by helping them  create their own work schedules, get paid a higher, more transparent pay rate, and work in a healthier environment. I’m sooo about all of those things. I feel like the techs and the customers are both winning through this app! 

Because of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, I hadn’t had a manicure since February and oooof my nails needed it! Here’s my before picture: 

Mani at home with Cherry

And after: 

Mani at home with Cherry

I’ve used the Cherry app lots of times, and every experience has been great. The nail techs are always on time, professional, and the manicures have looked great and held up well. Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I can give an honest review of Cherry. Here are my pros and cons: 


  • I can avoid crowded spaces (nail salons) by having a nail tech come into my own home. This is honestly the major draw right now during COVID-19, and I’m pretty sure that’s why they’re so busy. Book your appointment now, because they’re already scheduling them at least a week out! 
  • Everything is done through the app – bookings and payments and tips. I don’t have to use cash for tips, and I don’t have to ever wait a salon for my appointment. Seriously, it’s all so easy! 
  • They offer traditional, gel, and dip manis (I’ve been enjoying dip lately) and pedis. Read the FAQs if you want to know how everything is done without water so that you don’t have to have anything prepared before someone comes into your home. 


  • I love being able to have someone come into my home, but the only negative side to this I don’t get the relaxing “spa” experience. Regular home stuff is still there to distract me (baby wakes up too early from his nap and starts crying, cat jumps on the table and wants to sniff all the nail polish, etc.) It’s a small thing to pay for the convenience of having a manicure my own home, but sometimes I miss the salon experience. 
  • I’ve been lucky that all of the nail techs who have come into my home have had the colors I wanted, but there aren’t any guarantees. Most of them are supposed to carry the colors that cherry lists on its website, but sometimes it’s different. Some techs choose to purchase their own colors, just to offer more options to their clients. I might just buy a jar of my own favorite color so I don’t have to wonder if they’ll have it. 
  • The pedicure experience wasn’t so great… I LOVE the manis I’ve gotten, but the pedi was awkward because I don’t have a tall chair like they have at salons, so I sat on a kitchen chair and had to kind of slouch in a weird position, and the nail tech sat on a little fold-up stool that she had brought with her. The result looked good, but it wasn’t a relaxing experience, haha! 

If you’re not sure if you want to go into a crowded nail salon but you want to get your nails looking nice, try Cherry! I think it’s a good option for these weird times we’re living in. Don’t forget to use the code SOMUCHLIFEBLOG for $10 off. 


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Gae Strenge
1 year ago

I made an appt. for my Mother last week. No call, no show!
I re-booked the appt. for today at 12:30
Sunday 9/25. The technician left the nails clippings on the carpet, cut 3 of my Mother’s toes and did a polish job that looked like I did it! Mother asked for a French manicure and the technician said she didn’t have time!

I am extremely disappointed that this was the result. It was expensive enough and then Mother was contacted for a gratuity. Needless to say, there will not be any.

I hope they will refund my Mother in full but we will see?


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