Friday Five

Good morning!  Happy Friday, y’all. How was your week? Jumping in to a few favorite things for your Friday. Here are five things that have been on my mind lately…


12 Monthly Wellness Goals for 2023

Umm, I got so many questions from you on IG about the red light mask I posted about in this post on Monday! I’m sooo happy to talk about it because it’s been a really fun part of my new year thus far. 

Friends: I’m only about 2 weeks into using it (I use it 20 minutes each day) and my skin is already looking more glowy and less red.

Something I’m trying to focus on this year is prioritizing my skin’s natural appearance rather than prioritizing covering up my skin.

By that, I mean that I’m putting my energy and dollars into things like red light therapy, retinol, laser treatments (maybe later this year? I’ll let you know of any exciting changes!), and overall high quality skincare products. And I’m focusing less on researching and trying and buying and wearing lots of primers, foundations, concealers, powders. 

This red light mask has been a total game changer. I’m so excited to see what my skin looks like a couple months down the road! 

And I’ll also say this: regardless of what it does to my skin’s appearance, it just feels soooo good to use. Red light therapy is marketed as a mood booster, and I totally agree. Laying down with my red light mask on and a podcast or meditation in my AirPods is my favorite 20 minutes of the day. 


I updated my 30 best burgers in Austin guide! Have you seen it? 

I love a burger + fries. I’ll be honest: when we’re at home, we pretty much exclusively use Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers (for environmental reasons), but I definitely still order beef when I’m out at a restaurant. When that beef burger craving, there’s nothing that hits quite the same like a big, juicy burger.

Three of my favorites in Austin closed last year (Contigo, Luke’s Inside Out, and 40 North…RIP) but there were some new ones to grace the scene. 

Anyway, if you’re a burger lover and you want to know some of the best ones in Austin, check out that guide right here!


Nate and I are working through this toddler parenting course right now. Y’all…3 years old is really hard. I needed some guidance. 

We’re about halfway through the course and we’ve gotten some really big takeaways thus far. 


But, all joking aside, a lot of the content has been incredibly helpful. Some of it doesn’t really apply to Milo (every child is different!) so we’ve just had to try out a lot of things, see what is effective in our toddler’s life, and weed through the rest.

I’ve actually noticed a few really sweet, meaningful changes in Milo in just the past 7 days or so since we started watching this course together. 

Anyway, if you’re in the same boat and have a 3-year-old with giant feelings and it all feels unmanageable, this was a good $99 for us to spend


Found: greatest joggers known to humankind. I ordered these and I’ve basically been living in them. 

I’ve heard people talk about them forever and I finally went ahead and got a pair. THE SOFTEST thing ever! They’re just so comfy and cute and wonderful. 

I wear them around the house with a crewneck, when I’m heading out I just put on a pair of sneaks and pair them with a t-shirt and a soft jean jacket.

I ordered the long version (I’m 5’6 and I liked the higher rise on the long version) but they also come in standard sizes. 



Cedar fever is upon us here in Austin, Texas. Oddly enough, last January when I thought I was experiencing Cedar Fever, I actually ended up having COVID. Wild. 

Anyway, I’ll just be over here popping Zyrtec and keeping all the windows to my house shut…

January is one of the best months in Austin for outdoor temps (it’s like 65 and sunny most days!) but my allergies get SO bad!

Anyway, if you’re here in Austin…hang in there! It’s bad for a couple of weeks and then it all goes away and we just get to enjoy the beautiful winter/spring weather. 

I’m so happy you stopped by today. I love chatting with you! Hope your Friday is full of some magic, and I’ll chat with you again on Monday. XO. 

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