Food Truck: The Churro Co.

I’m constantly on the lookout for fun places to bring friends or family when they visit Austin. I have my list of go-tos, with places like Home Slice Pizza, Gourdoughs Big Fat Donuts, and Dolce Neve Gelato, but I get bored quickly and always want to find something new to share when I have guests in town. The Churro Co. food truck is perfect for this! 

Leo and David are the co-owners, and they sat down to chat with me about their food truck. They were childhood friends who created The Churro Co. in 2014. #churrofriends

They keep things basic by starting with a really good churro. David told me it takes 3 hours to make one batch of dough, and then it still has to sit for 24 hours before it’s ready to fry! They don’t use any fillings…instead, everything is added as a topping, so it’s very insta-worthy. 😉 They’re the only place in Austin where you can get churros that are made from scratch.

The churro. co. in Austin, TX!The churro. co. in Austin, TX!

The churro. co. in Austin, TX!

The churro. co. in Austin, TX!

You can order as simple or extravagant as you want! Get a regular churro with your choice of dipping sauce (chocolate, nutella, strawberry, or cajeta), or try one of the specialty churros.

My favorite is the “Date Night”: Churros tossed in popcorn sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle and a dash of sea salt.

The churro co. food truck in Austin, TX!

The Mexican Iced Chocolate is a fun pairing with your churro! It’s sweet, cold, cinnamon-y, and rich with chocolate from Mexico!

This is such a fun little food truck for a friend date, a regular date, or just a late night sugar craving!

The churro co. food truck in Austin, TX!

The Churro Co.

1620 E. Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741

Thur: 1-9 pm, Fri-Sat: 1-11 pm, Sun: 1-9 pm

Ok, y’all. I just got back from a quick weekend getaway to Seattle, and I’m exhausted! I took a redeye flight home last night (it was the only way I could get a full day of exploring in Seattle on Sunday and still get back home for a half day of work on Monday.) I landed in Austin at 4 am this morning, so I’ll be snoozing until about noon and then teaching all afternoon.

Hope you have a great Monday!





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5 years ago

[…] truck is the only place in Austin where you can get churros that are completely made from scratch. Turns out it’s quite the time intensive process to make them…. (Read all about my visit to the Churro Co right here!) These warm, sweet, chewy treats are the […]

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